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Volume 39 Number 8
20 April 2017

LRB blog 25 April 2017

Alex Abramovich
Bad Colour

24 April 2017

Glen Newey
Towards Beachy Head

24 April 2017

Anna Aslanyan
On the March for Science


21 March 2002

Ian Gilmour
Cromwell since Cromwell

16 March 2017

Jeremy Harding
The French Elections

23 September 2010

Elif Batuman
Down with Creative Writing

In the next issue, which will be dated 4 May, Jackson Lears on Noam Chomsky.

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James Meek

Somerdale to Skarbimierz

The Mini Eggs production line was trucked the thousand miles to the new factory in the village of Skarbimierz in February 2010. In March, Caramel and Freddo were moved to Cadbury’s Bournville plant and Fry’s Chocolate Cream went to Blois in France. In June, the Crunchie bar line and Fry’s Turkish Delight were moved to Poland, followed in September by Curly Wurly, and in December by Chomp, Fudge, Picnic and Double Decker. ‘We watched the last few Double Deckers go through,’ said Silsbury. Someone took a photo of the final Fudge to come down the conveyor. More

Tom Crewe

The Unrelenting Bensons

I’m not sure what characteristics are generally shared by the children of archbishops but I’m quite certain that the Bensons were unlike the children of anyone else. They were all prone to depression, to a greater or lesser extent, possessing what Arthur referred to as a ‘diseased self-consciousness’. They all – probably in reaction to their father – approached the world at an angle, preferring ‘a sort of casuistical, speculative, delicate, spectatorial criticism of life’. All of them wrote books. None married or had children, and they all preferred their own sex. More

Jeremy Harding

Teeter-Tottering on the Border

Ana Teresa Fernández, a Mexican artist living in the US, has painted bits of the wall with camouflage colours – mostly sky-blue – to create the illusion that a section has been removed. From a distance her trompe l’oeil gaps in the wall invite you to saunter through. Who can object to plans to reverse the ecological damage, build a binational movie theatre, or more passageways for local wildlife? But a wall is a wall, whether it’s rough and ugly, like its most powerful advocate, or kitted out as something other than itself. More

Julian Barnes

People Will Hate Us Again

The day after the vote, I was walking in my local park when a man cycled towards me straight over a NO CYCLING sign. I gave him a routine, unthinking glare, to which he responded with a shout of ‘Oi, Flaubert, where are you now?’ A rare North London cry of Brexiteering triumphalism. The following day, the English rugby team beat the Wallabies in Australia. An Australian newspaper headlined the result: ‘Now Another Continent Hates You As Well.’ We shouldn’t underestimate this reaction to our current national trajectory. More

Short Cuts
David Runciman

At Pallant House
Rosemary Hill


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