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Volume 41 Number 16
15 August 2019

LRB blog 16 August 2019

Harry Stopes
Peterloo and After

15 August 2019

Ankita Chakraborty
Occupying Kashmir

14 August 2019

James Butler
Red Meat for the Faragists


7 September 2017

Amia Srinivasan
What’s it like to be an octopus?

20 December 2018

Katrina Navickas
The Peterloo Massacre

7 March 2013

Adam Phillips

In the next issue, which will be dated 12 September, Richard J. Evans on Michael Gove.

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Chaohua Wang

Hong Kong heats up

Lessons have been learned from previous movements. The current protests have no leadership and are highly decentralised. Social media is the main vehicle of mass mobilisation. This time round, there have been no internal splits. Yet the solidarity is not rooted in political discipline: even when brothers climb a mountain together, each has to make his own effort. One action may be followed straightaway by another, or by a few days’ rest. Bruce Lee’s saying becomes a golden rule: ‘Water can flow or it can crush. Be water my friend.’ More

Emily Witt

How to Cross the Border

As we now understand, a significant portion of the US population supports a politics of white nationalism. Writing against this reality is hard. No one seems to have found a register that reaches the other side. Americans thought we had some consensus about certain shared values. When it turned out that we didn’t, suddenly everything had to be argued for, even something as simple as a commitment not to harm people who would like to live in the United States, and never to harm children. More

At the Barbican
T.J. Clark

Short Cuts
Andrew O’Hagan

In Cardiff
Anne Wagner


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Colm Tóibín

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Andrew O'Hagan

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