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Institutional Subscriptions

The London Review of Books offers a dedicated institutional site subscription, available to libraries, universities, colleges, schools, museums, government agencies and businesses. Provide your faculty, students and researchers with easy, single sign-on access to more than 16,000 articles online.

Free 30-day trials are available for libraries and institutions. Start a free trial now.

A site licence subscription to the London Review of Books gives you:

  • Instant online access to each new edition of the LRB, with unlimited simultaneous users
  • Free access to the complete online archive containing every issue ever published – over 16,000 articles, dating back to 1979
  • Powerful search functionality providing intuitive and relevant results
  • Comprehensive indexing and classification of articles
  • Extensive subject coverage – literature and politics, science and history, memoir and art, philosophy and popular culture
  • In-depth writing by some of the world’s finest minds
  • Website functions designed for librarians, faculty, staff and students
Instant access to 12,500 articles online - request your free trial now