Paul Delany

In the LRB Archive:

  • Vivre comme chien et chat · 20 August 1992

    • Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! Requiem for a Divided Country by Mordecai Richler
  • Finding out who you were · 6 August 1992

    • Murther and Walking Spirits by Robertson Davies
  • Modern Virginity · 27 February 1992

    • Song of Love: The Letters of Rupert Brooke and Noel Olivier 1909-1915 edited by Pippa Harris
  • Voyage to Uchronia · 29 August 1991

    • The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling
  • Keeping up the fight · 24 January 1991

    • D.H. Lawrence: A Biography by Jeffrey Meyers
    • D.H. Lawrence by Tony Pinkney
    • England, My England, and Other Stories by D.H. Lawrence, edited by Bruce Steele
    • The ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ Trial (Regina v. Penguin Books Limited) edited by H. Montgomery Hyde
    • Boy by James Hanley
    • D.H. Lawrence: A Literary Life by John Worthen
  • Men in Love · 3 September 1987

    • Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence, edited by David Farmer, Lindeth Vasey and John Worthen
    • The Letters of D.H. Lawrence: Vol. IV, 1921-24 edited by Warren Roberts, James Boulton and Elizabeth Mansfield
  • Eating people is right · 21 February 1985

    • Modern Times by Peter York
    • Face Value: The Politics of Beauty by Robin Tolmach Lakoff and Raquel Scherr
  • Voyeur · 5 May 1983

    • To Keep the Ball Rolling: The Memoirs of Anthony Powell. Vol. IV: The strangers all are gone by Anthony Powell
  • Queen Famine’s Courtier · 3 February 1983

    • Robert Graves: His Life and Works by Martin Seymour-Smith
    • In Broken Images: Selected Letters of Robert Graves 1914-1946 edited by Paul O’Prey
    • Progress of Stories by Laura Riding
  • He · 15 April 1982

    • Rider Haggard: The Great Storyteller by D.S. Higgins
    • She by H. Rider Haggard
    • The Best Short Stories of Rider Haggard edited by Peter Haining
  • Playing Fields, Flanders Fields · 21 January 1982

    • War Diary 1913-1917: Chronicle of Youth by Vera Brittain, edited by Alan Bishop
    • The English Poets of the First World War by John Lehmann
    • Voices from the Great War by Peter Vansittart
    • The Little Field-Marshal: Sir John French by Richard Holmes
  • Mortal Beauty · 21 May 1981

    • Feminine Beauty by Kenneth Clark
    • Of Women and their Elegance by Norman Mailer
    • Nude Photographs 1850-1980 edited by Constance Sullivan


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