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  • R.W. Johnson
    Proportional Representation casts a shadow over France

  • Letters
    Peter Thomas, Leo Daugherty, Jean MacGibbon, Matthew Kalman, Ian and David Gilmour, Joseph Alsop, Geoffrey Wheatcroft, Julian Barnes, Paul Edwards, Michael Levey, Ian MacKillop, Rod Edmond

  • Joel Shurkin

    • Clouds of Deceit: The Deadly Legacy of Britain’s Bomb Tests by Joan Smith
    • Fields of Thunder: Testing Britain’s Bomb by Denys Blakeway and Sue Lloyd-Roberts
  • Paul Addison

    • The Writing on the wall: Britain in the Seventies by Phillip Whitehead
  • E.P. Thompson
    Poem: ‘Powers and Names’

  • Angus Calder

    • Now the war is over: A Social History of Britain 1945-51 by Paul Addison
    • England First and Last by Anthony Bailey
    • A World Still to Win: The Reconstruction of the Post-War Working Class by Trevor Blackwell and Jeremy Seabrook
    • The Issue of War: States, Societies and the Far Eastern Conflict of 1941-1945 by Christopher Thorne
    • The Hiroshima Maidens by Rodney Barker
    • Faces of Hiroshima: A Report by Anne Chisholm
    • End of Empire by Brain Lapping
    • Outposts by Simon Winchester
  • Jonathan Barnes

    • The Prehistory of Flight by Clive Hart
  • Alan Ryan

    • English Society 1688-1832 by J.C.D. Clark
    • Virtue, Commerce and History by J.G.A. Pocock
  • Blair Worden

    • International Calvinism 1541-1715 edited by Menna Prestwich
    • Wallington’s World: A Puritan Artisan in 17th-Century London by Paul Seaver
  • Robert Blake

    • Cardinal Manning: A Biography by Robert Gray
  • J.M. Roberts

    • Cardinal Richelieu: Power and the Pursuit of Wealth by Joseph Bergin
    • Rich and Poor in Grenoble 1600-1814 by Kathryn Norberg
    • France 1789-1815: Revolution and Counter-Revolution by D.M.G. Sutherland
  • John Bayley

    • Love in a Cool Climate: The Letters of Mark Pattison and Meta Bradley 1879-1884 by Vivian Green
  • Anthony Edkins
    Poem: ‘Nature Notes’

  • William Doyle

    • Frederick the Great: A Military Life by Christopher Duffy
    • Society, Government and the Enlightenment: The Experiences of 18th-Century France and Prussia by C.B.A. Behrens
    • Religious Toleration and Social Change in Hamburg 1529-1819 by Joachim Whaley
  • Alan Milward

    • Hitler: Memoirs of a Confidant edited by Henry Ashby Turner, translated by Ruth Hein
    • Blood and Soil: Walther Darré and Hitler’s ‘Green Party’ by Anna Bramwell
    • Industry and Politics in the Third Reich: Ruhr Coal, Hitler and Europe by John Gillingham
    • Geschichte der Deutschen Kriegswirtschaft 1939-1945. Vol. II: 1941-1943 by Dietrich Eichholtz
  • Julian Barnes

    • Flaubert and Turgenev: A Friendship in Letters translated by Barbara Beaumont
  • John Campbell

    • David Low by Colin Seymour-Ure and Jim Schoff
  • Colin McGinn

    • The man who mistook his wife for a hat by Oliver Sacks
  • Ian Hamilton

  • D.A.N. Jones

    • The Lover by Marguerite Duras, translated by Barbara Bray
    • Stones of the Wall by Dai Houying, translated by Frances Wood
    • White Noise by Don DeLillo
  • Paul Driver

    • Dearest Bubushkin: Selected Letters and Diaries of Vera and Igor Stravinsky edited by Robert Craft
    • Stravinsky: Selected Correspondence Vol. III edited by Robert Craft