Christina and the Sid

Penelope Fitzgerald

  • Christina Rossetti: A Divided Life by Georgina Battiscombe
    Constable, 233 pp, £9.50, May 1981, ISBN 0 09 461950 6
  • The Golden Veil by Paddy Kitchen
    Hamish Hamilton, 286 pp, £7.95, May 1981, ISBN 0 241 10584 6
  • The Little Holland House Album by Edward Burne-Jones and John Christian
    Dalrymple Press, 39 pp, £38.00, April 1981, ISBN 0 9507301 0 6

Christina Rossetti wrote ‘If I had words’ and ‘I took my heart in my hand’ and ‘If he would come today, today’ and ‘What would I give for a heart of flesh to warm me through’ and:

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