Selected Bibliography

Stuart Macintyre

In the LRB Archive:

  • Founding Moments · 11 March 1993

    • The Oxford History of Australia. Vol. II, 1770-1860: Possessions by Jan Kociumbas
    • The Rule of Law in a Penal Colony: Law and Power in Early New South Wales by David Neal
    • Waterloo Creek: The Australia Day Massacre of 1838, George Gipps and the British Conquest of New South Wales by Roger Milliss
    • Living in a New Country: History, Travelling and Language by Paul Carter
  • Histories of Australia · 28 September 1989

    • The Oxford History of Autralia. Vol III: 1860-1900 by Beverley Kingston
    • The Road from Coorain: An Australian Memoir by Jill Ker Conway
    • A Secret Country by John Pilger
    • Convict Workers: Reinterpreting Australia’s Past edited by Stephen Nicholas


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