Selected Bibliography

Michael Stewart

In the LRB Archive:

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    • A Safe Area: Srebrenica, Europe’s Worst Massacre since the Second World War by David Rohde
    • Triumph of the Lack of Will: International Diplomacy and the Yugoslav War by James Gow
  • Nanny knows best · 4 June 1987

    • Kinnock by Michael Leapman
    • The Thatcher Years: A Decade of Revolution in British Politics by John Cole
    • Thatcherism and British Politics: The End of Consensus? by Dennis Kavanagh
    • The New Right: The Counter-Revolution in Political, Social and Economic Thought by David Green
  • Hattersley’s Specifics · 19 March 1987

    • Choose freedom: The Future for Democratic Socialism by Roy Hattersley
    • Power, Competition and the State. Vol. I: Britain in Search of Balance, 1940-61 by Keith Middlemas
  • Roll Call · 5 September 1985

    • Crowded Hours by Eric Roll
  • Diary · 6 June 1985

  • 1966 and all that · 20 December 1984

    • The Castle Diaries. Vol. II: 1964-70 by Barbara Castle
  • The Miners’ Strike · 6 September 1984


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