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In the LRB Archive:

  • The firm went bankrupt · 5 October 1995

    • Lenin: His Life and Legacy by Dmitri Volkogonov, translated and edited by Harold Shukman
    • Lenin: A Political Life. Vol. III: The Iron Ring by Robert Service
  • Russians and the Russian Past · 9 November 1989

    • The Long Road to Freedom: Russia and Glasnost by Walter Laqueur
    • Glasnost in Action: Cultural Renaissance in Russia by Alec Nove
    • Soviet History in the Gorbachev Revolution by R.W. Davies
    • Beyond Perestroika: The Future of Gorbachev’s USSR by Ernest Mandel, translated by Gus Fagan
    • Perestroika in Perspective: The Design and Dilemmas of Soviet Reform by Padma Desai
  • Going West · 24 November 1988

    • The Gorbachev Phenomenon: A Historical Interpretation by Moshe Lewin
    • The Thinking Reed: Intellectuals and the Soviet State from 1917 to the Present by Boris Kagarlitsky, translated by Brian Pearce
    • Eastern Europe, Gorbachev and Reform: The Great Challenge by Karen Dawisha
  • Glasnost · 29 October 1987

    • Socialism, Peace and Democracy: Writings, Speeches and Reports by Mikhail Gorbachev
    • Gorbachev by Zhores Medvedev
    • The Sixth Continent: Russia and Mikhail Gorbachov by Mark Frankland
    • Shadows and Whispers: Power Politics inside the Kremlin from Brezhnev to Gorbachev by Dusko Doder
    • Pravda: Inside the Soviet News Machine by Angus Roxburgh
    • Utopia in Power: A History of the USSR from 1917 to the Present by Michel Heller and Aleksandr Nekrich
  • Can Gorbachev succeed? · 4 December 1986

    • Crisis in the Kremlin: Soviet Succession and the Rise of Gorbachev by Richard Owen
    • The Waking Giant: The Soviet Union Under Gorbachev by Martin Walker
    • The Artful Albanian: The Memoirs of Enver Hoxha edited by Jon Halliday
  • Stalin’s Purges · 17 October 1985

    • Origins of the Great Purges: The Soviet Communist Party Reconsidered 1933-1938 by J. Arch Getty
    • The Making of the Soviet System: Essays in the Social History of Interwar Russia by Moshe Lewin
  • After Andropov · 19 April 1984

    • Andropov by Zhores Medvedev
    • Andropov in Power: From Komsomol to Kremlin by Jonathan Steele and Eric Abraham
    • Life in Russia by Michael Binyon
    • The Soviet Union after Brezhnev edited by Martin McCauley
    • Yuri Andropov: A Secret Passage into the Kremlin by Vladimir Solovyov and Elena Klepikova, translated by Guy Daniels


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