David Allen

In the LRB Archive:

  • Paradises · 5 August 1993

    • The Culture of Flowers by Jack Goody
  • Homage to Rhubarb · 8 October 1992

    • Rhubarb: The Wondrous Drug by Clifford Foust
  • Rethinking the countryside · 22 January 1987

    • The History of the Countryside by Oliver Rackham
    • Gilbert White: A Biography of the Author of the ‘Natural History of Selborne’ by Richard Mabey
    • The Journals of Gilbert White 1751-1773: Vol. 1 edited by Francesca Greenoak
    • An Account of the Foxglove and its Medical Uses 1785-1985 by J.K. Aronson
    • The Oxford Dictionary of Natural History edited by Michael Allaby
  • Minute Particulars · 6 February 1986

    • New Images of the Natural in France: A study in European Cultural History 1750-1800 by D.G. Charlton
    • Voyage into Substance: Art, Science, Nature and the Illustrated Travel Account 1760-1840 by Barbara Maria Stafford
  • Plantsmen · 20 December 1984

    • The John Tradescants: Gardeners to the Rose and Lily Queen by Prudence Leith-Ross
    • Sydney Parkinson: Artist of Cook’s ‘Endeavour’ Voyage edited by D.J. Carr
  • Patria Potestas · 19 April 1984

    • Dear Lord Rothschild: Birds, Butterflies and History by Miriam Rothschild

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