Talking Politics 195: Impeach this!

The Editors

In the latest episode of the Talking Politics podcast, David Runciman, Gary Gerstle and Helen Thompson discuss the state of the Trump presidency, from impeachment and cover-ups to Syria and Ukraine. They ask what it would take for Republican senators to desert him and what the collateral damage is likely to be for the Democratic presidential candidates.

‘I don't think any American president has been so unabashed in his contempt for the procedures of American democracy. So if the Democrats can hook this specific act into this broader story of what is it that makes America “America”; what is it that makes America a democracy, they could have a very powerful case. But they have to do it while always facing a counter-puncher who is constantly going to be trying to muddy the waters. One thing we can count on is that Trump will break every norm of politics in order to defend himself and to survive.’ – Gary Gerstle

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  • 10 October 2019 at 12:43pm
    Joe Morison says:
    It’s also become clear recently, if anyone was ever in any doubt, what an appalling ally Trump is. Whether it’s a total lack of concern at the possible freeing of the Daesh prisoners held by the Kurds because they are ‘going to be escaping to Europe’ or his refusal to ensure Anne Sacoolas comes back to the UK to face justice, it’s obvious that under Trump the US does not consider our interests worth the proverbial bucket of warm piss.

    There is nothing sensible about Brexit, but the idea that we can substitute our true friends in Europe for such an unstable ally is one of the maddest of all.

  • 11 October 2019 at 1:22am
    Graucho says:
    So we now have a falling out between NATO allies. Whether Putin put Trump into the Whitehouse or not, he's still the gift that gives on giving as far as the Russian leader is concerned. No one who has cognisance of Trump's business dealings will be surprised by his latest effort. He owes the Kurds a good deal and rather than honouring the debt he's done a Chapter 11 on them. The ERG should be careful of what they wish for when it comes to a trade deal with this character.

  • 14 October 2019 at 11:33am
    hag says:
    Republicans will only abandon Trump when it looks as if he's going to lose them elections. Simples.
    "Trump the loser" - that'll do it.