Damn, I'm enraptured, yes, enraptured, at Eric Cantona's suggestion that everyone take their money out of the banks. A wonderful, and possibly even serious (it's hard to tell from the English translation of the Belgian French) website, Bankrun 2010, set up by a screenwriter and an actor, has now set aside 7 December as International Take Your Money Home With You Day:

We, the people have finally been awakened by poverty and despair afflicting the most vulnerable among us - pensioners, welfare recipients or working poor - and is now threatening what remains of the middle class & entrepreneurs. Even these are exploited as milking cows, and we now simply want the cancellation of the public debts generated by the sick system that we no longer want. We do not want our taxes, our efforts, our resources to continue to feed this bottomless pit. We want to regain the power to coin money and free ourselves from the guidelines imposed on us by the European Union, which was built against the consent of the majority of people consulted by referendum, not to mention those whose country of origin have no organized popular consultation.

Yes, it is so, who wouldn't want and not want all that? Especially I want to regain the power to coin money.

Ok, so the result of a mass withdrawal of funds from the banks might a) cause civilisation to collapse and bring on Armageddon; b) result in governments giving even more billions of billions to the banks to prevent them from failing for fear of a) occurring and then telling us, the milking cows, that we've got an even more terrible debt problem than we had on 6 December; c) cause no end of hilarity (and perhaps, on the bright side, apoplexy) in the investment bankers who couldn't give a toss what we do with our paltry savings; d) make playing Monopoly much more fun with all the Bank of England notes we'll have lying around; and e) put house breakers and locksmiths up into the supertax bracket.

But wouldn't it be fun?