No news yet. In with all the extraordinary excitement and unprecedented constitutional upheaval, I’m also starting to get a little bit bored. Apparently the mood-music or hint-music is that they’ll reach a deal today.

According to the Guardian, ‘Cameron is understood to have told senior Tories that he would not be offering a referendum on electoral reform under his government’.

That has to mean no deal, surely? But according to the FT, ‘The Lib Dems are demanding that Mr Cameron moves immediately to introduce a version of electoral reform – the so-called alternative vote – as a sign of his intention to carry out more far-reaching reforms over time.’ He’s also trying to insist on fixed term Parliaments. I’m amazed that would be enough for the Lib Dems; to me, going into power with the Tories would be a recipe for suicide. Not mine, obviously: theirs. It would be the perfect outcome for Labour.

As for the Times, their live blog reproduces a poster which sums up the feelings of many people I know.

Times, spoof poster