Two Poems

Rebecca Tamás

Spell for the Witch’s Hammer

a two pronged sword
to put them down

out there a lot of things happen

undo   each other     a candle in each opening

    witches wake at night and cry
    beasts with curly horns comfort them
    / suck gently

witches go astray
carnality     swooping and fluttering    like a ragged flag

they      laugh    so much
covered in purple bruises
teaching    tricks        GPS of the  eternal flagellant light      always going home

the witch’s hammer  sinks into flesh
then      disappears     and only mercury remains     its little peasant trail

        the witches eat your book
        then you
        then everything

Spell for UN Resolutions

        the sun comes

they are lying there on the frayed grass

      some warm arms and legs

there is only a particular smell in them

      small occult fire

when the libraries were burning down everyone was running back
and forth with armfuls of paper

a     touch
down to the genome

         SAVE THE

      ah because suddenly you care

language and its vulgar rotations

grass thinks too

is thinking:

      ‘my only’