The End of Avoidance

Martin Loughlin on the UK’s Constitutional Crisis

Through a failure of statecraft on a scale unmatched since Lord North lost the American colonies, David Cameron has managed to convert a problem of party management into a constitutional crisis. The result of the EU referendum raises serious constitutional issues which haven’t been properly confronted. The media are now comfortably immersed in the political consequences of the result – the tenor of a Theresa May government, the pressure on Jeremy Corbyn – and lawyers have been called on to consider the status of the referendum vote and the technicalities involved in triggering Article 50. But there has been very little in the way of constitutional analysis beyond the familiar call for the establishment of a citizens’ convention on the constitution.

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[*] The Cosmopolitan Constitution by Alexander Somek (Oxford, 304 pp., £50, July 2014, 978 0 19 965153 5).