Critical Dialysis

Wystan Curnow

Manifestos deify this antithesis dialysis hysteria
– Dadaist premed dictation is [Dada] in July
After dinnership is re-gales with [Dadada-iste] laughter
which duly persists – saddest day [Sada] – also recall
Daughters of the recent but short Sentimentalist War
[Wada]. Slaughter from afar the cries of the anaesthetists’
ecstatic shrapnel – thought [Fada] the oh so steely
gruff or extrinsic [Gada] madhouse ought to employ
strictly business [Ramada] of poeticisms O! propellered
peripheries of balletic [Economo!] spirito jemen-
foutissimo nationalistic armadas [Nada] louder sounded
posters of in fine point symphonics [Symphada] shock
troops after surgeon politicos tossed [off stage], their
savage antonymic Communismo [Incommunicada] diatribe
cast off property [Prada] up against [ardour] the infinite
emphesemio of the slick and slippered pseudo-intelligentsia [Infantada]

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