Two Poems

Sarah Maguire

For Kathleen Jamie

clouds of white lace
in the abandoned graveyard,

the delicate,
filigree umbels

the thumbprints of lichen
embroidering the graves.
A deep current of blue

surges below –
moments of sky

brief weather
fixed on wet stems,

conjuring a climate
gone from this chill April dusk,
as rain comes, and light fades.

Field Capacity

The plump loam easy with wetness –
late March, the unwrung sponge of soil
balanced by a long winter’s rain,
then opened by thaw.

I take the springy lawn in my stride,
an ash sapling tucked under each arm.
A circle described in the turf, the grassy lid
lifted, then dig –

and the packed earth comes nicely,
fresh on the spade. Fed, then watered in darkness,
the rootball unwinds, and the young tree
shivers in the wet spring air.