Bert’s Needs

Patricia Beer

  • Lawrence’s Women: The Intimate Life of D.H. Lawrence by Elaine Feinstein
    HarperCollins, 275 pp, £18.00, January 1993, ISBN 0 00 215364 5

The modish title of Elaine Feinstein’s excellent book need not make readers fear that they are being lured to yet another study of the great man himself. Lawrence’s Women really is about the women in his life. They are not just lining the route. Neither should readers suspect that the word ‘intimate’ in the subtitle means that they are going to be told more about Lawrence’s sex life than they wish to know. They can also be assured that in this book there is no sign of the current mania for writing about the sisters/wives/daughters/mistresses of famous men, regardless of how insignificant they, or indeed the famous men, might essentially be. Lawrence’s women were decided personalities; hélas in one case.

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