LRB Cover



  • Paul Foot

    • A Full Service Bank: How BCCI stole millions around the world by James Ring Adams and Douglas Frantz
    • Bankrupt: The BCCI Fraud by Nick Kochan and Bob Whittington
    • The BCCI Affair: A Report to The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations by Senators John Kerry and Hank Brown
    • Inquiry into the Supervision of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International by Lord Justice Bingham
  • Letters
    A.C. Grayling, Margaret Drabble, Editor, ‘London Review’, Ben Pimlott, Norman Dombey, Eric Grove, Gerald Long, Bernard Richards, Russell Lucas

  • John Sturrock

    • ‘L’Avenir dure longtemps’ suivi de ‘Les Faits’: Autobiographies by Louis Althusser
    • Louis Althusser: Une biographie. Vol. I: La Formation du mythe by Yann Moulier Boutang
  • Ian Hacking

    • Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals by Iris Murdoch
  • J.B. Trapp

    • Tyndale’s New Testament edited by David Daniell
    • Tyndale’s Old Testament, being the Pentateuch of 1530, Joshua to II Chronicles of 1537 and Jonah edited by David Daniell
  • Douglas Oliver
    Poem: ‘Taking stock of woods’

  • Rosemary Hill

    • A Sultry Month: Scenes of London Literary Life in 1846 by Alethea Hayter
    • Painting and the Politics of Culture: New Essays on British Art 1700-1850 edited by John Barrell
    • London: World City 1800-1840 edited by Celina Fox
  • David Sylvester
    Solid and Fleeting

  • Michael Longley
    Poem: ‘Baucis & Philemon’

  • Michael Wood

    • The Art of Cinema by Jean Cocteau, André Bernard and Claude Gauteur, translated by Robin Buss
    • Jean Renoir: A Life in Pictures by Célia Bertin, translated by Mireille Muellner and Leonard Muellner
    • Jean Renoir: Projections of Paradise by Ronald Bergan
    • Malle on Malle edited by Philip French
    • Republic of Images: A History of French Film-Making by Alan Williams
  • Wendy Steiner

    • The American way of Birth by Jessica Mitford
  • Philip Horne

    • Leviathan by Paul Auster
  • John Naughton

  • Jon Halliday

    • Korea Old and New: A History by Carter Eckert, Ki-baik Lee, Young Ick Lew, Michael Robinson and Edward Wagner
    • The Wilder Shores of Marx: Journeys in a Vanishing World by Anthony Daniels