LRB Cover
Cover: David King



  • P.N. Furbank

    • A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel
  • Letters
    W. Thompson, David Wright, Christopher Reid, Michael Horovitz, Edward Wilson, Kurt Vonnegut, Robert Allen, John McMurtry, E.J. Mishan, Mark Taylor, J.L. Sievert, David Jesson-Dibley, Colin McGinn, Angela Lambert

  • Paul Foot

    • Claire clairmont and the Shelleys by Robert Gittings and Jo Manton
    • Mab’s Daughters by Judith Chernaik
  • Norman Hampson

    • Diderot: A Critical Biography by P.N. Furbank
    • This is not a Story and Other Stories by Denis Diderot, translated by P.N. Furbank
    • Diderot: Political Writings edited by John Hope Mason and Robert Wokler
  • Stephen Sackur

    • Deterring Democracy by Noam Chomsky
    • Illusions of Triumph: An Arab View of the Gulf War by Mohamed Heikal
    • The Imperial Temptation by Robert Tucker and David Hendrickson
  • E.S. Turner

    • Quartered Safe Out Here: A Recollection of the War in Burma by George MacDonald Fraser
    • Tyrants and Mountains: A Reckless Life by Denis Hills
  • Mary Beard

    • Origins of the Sacred: The Ecstasies of Love and War by Dudley Young
  • Paul Delany

    • Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! Requiem for a Divided Country by Mordecai Richler
  • Nicholas Wade

    • Big Science: The Growth of Large-Scale Research edited by Peter Galison and Bruce Helvy
    • The Code of Codes edited by Daniel Kevies and Leroy Hood
  • John Barrow

    • Niels Bohr’s Times, in Physics, Philosophy and Polity by Abraham Pais
  • Marina Warner

    • Medieval Misogyny and the Invention of Western Romantic Love by Howard Bloch
    • Women of the Renaissance by Margaret King
    • The Lady as Saint: A Collection of French Hagiographical Romances of the 13th Century by Brigitte Cazelles
    • Heavenly Supper: The Story of Maria Janis by Fulvio Tomizza, translated by Anne Jacobson Shutte
    • Oppositional Voices: Women as Writers and Translators of Literature in the English Renaissance by Tina Krontiris
  • Simon Armitage
    Poem: ‘Of Two Knights Stationed in Neighbouring Castles’

  • Ronald Fraser

    • The Interior Castle: A Life of Gerald Brenan by Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy
  • Ruth Bernard Yeazell

    • The Sexual Education of Edith Wharton by Gloria Erlich
  • Patrick Parrinder

    • Past Tenses: Essays on Writing, Autobiography and History by Carolyn Steedman
  • Patricia Beer

    • Sleepwalker in a Fog by Tatyana Tolstaya, translated by Jamey Gambrell
  • Christopher Hitchens
    Washington Diary

  • D.A.N. Jones

    • Dear Departed: A Memoir by Marguerite Yourcenar, translated by Maria Louise Ascher
    • Anna, Soror by Marguerite Yourcenar, translated by Walter Kaiser
    • That Mighty Sculptor, Time by Marguerite Yourcenar, translated by Walter Kaiser
    • Coming into the End Zone: A Memoir by Doris Grumbach
    • Anything Once by Joan Wyndham
    • Within Tuscany by Matthew Spender