Schools of History

Walter Laqueur

  • Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives by Alan Bullock
    HarperCollins, 1187 pp, £20.00, June 1991, ISBN 0 00 215494 3
  • Stalin: Breaker of Nations by Robert Conquest
    Weidenfeld, 346 pp, £18.99, September 1991, ISBN 0 297 81194 0

‘About Hitler I can’t think of anything to say,’ thus Karl Kraus in a famous aside in 1935. But a great deal has been said about him ever since and no one has been better at saying it than Alan Bullock. His Hitler: A Study in Tyranny, published in 1952, is still the best biography, and one of the best books on the Nazi phenomenon in general. Only a very few other works come to mind which are in the same league: Konrad Heiden’s history of the Nazi Party and his Hitler biography – but they appeared in 1932 and 1936 respectively – and Joachim Fest’s fine work of 1972.

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