LRB Cover
Cover: Sabat



  • Patrick Parrinder

    • Wise Children by Angela Carter
  • Letters
    Alvin Kernan, Antony Easthope, Claude Rawson, David Bull, Martin Orkin, Leonard Jackson, Amit Chaudhuri, Bernard McCabe

  • Sam Miller
    Show us your corpses

  • Heribert Adam

    • The Unbreakable Thread: Non-Racialism in South Africa by Julie Frederikse
    • A Democratic South Africa?: Constitutional Engineering in a Divided Society by David Horowitz
    • Koexistenz im Krieg: Staatszerfall und Entstehung einer Nation im Libanon by Theodor Hanf
  • Craig Raine

    • Constance Garnett: A Heroic Life by Richard Garnett
  • Donald Davie

    • The Book of J translated by David Rosenberg, interpreted by Harold Bloom
  • Onora O’Neill

    • The Political Responsibility of Intellectuals edited by Ian MacLean, Alan Montefiore and Peter Winch
  • Michael Wood

    • Immortality by Milan Kundera, translated by Peter Kussi
    • Storm 2: New Writing from East and West edited by Joanna Labon
  • Theodore Zeldin

    • Dead Certainties by Simon Schama
  • Julian Symons

    • Literature and Liberation: Selected Essays by Arnold Kettle, edited by Graham Martin and W.R. Owens
  • John Bayley

    • Edmund Blunden: A Biography by Barry Webb
  • Ruth Bernard Yeazell

    • Married Women’s Separate Property in England, 1660-1833 by Susan Staves
    • The Bluestocking Circle: Women, Friendship and the Life of the Mind in 18th-century England by Sylvia Harcstark Myers
    • Portrait of a Friendship: Drawn from New Letters of James Russell Lowell to Sybella Lady Lyttleton 1881-1891 by Alethea Hayter
    • Fierce Communion: Family and Community in Early America by Helena Wall
  • Fiona Pitt-Kethley
    Poem: ‘Dogs’

  • E.S. Turner

    • The Passing of Barchester: A Real-Life Version of Trollop by Clive Dewey
  • Kenneth Fowler

    • Ways of Lying: Dissimulation and Conformity in Early Modern Europe by Perez Zagorin
    • Lucrecia’s Dreams: Politics and Prophecy in 16th-Century Spain by Richard Kagan
    • ‘In his Image and Likeness’: Political Iconography and Religious Change in Regenshurg, 1500-1600 by Kristin Zapalac
  • Philip Purser

    • Hitler’s State Archltecture: The Impact of Classical Antiquity by Alex Scoble
    • Totalitarian Art by Igor Golomstock, translated by Robert Chandler
  • Roger Garfitt
    Where Colombia screwed up

  • Tim Gardam

  • Anthony Pagden

    • The Cambridge History of Latin America. Vol. VII: 1930 to the Present edited by Leslie Bethell
    • Magical Reels: A History of Cinema in Latin America by John King
    • Democracy and Development in Latin America: Economics, Politics and Religion in the Post-war Period by David Lehmann