Why Elster is stuck and needs to recover his faith

Martin Hollis

  • The Cement of Society: A Study of Social Order by Jon Elster
    Cambridge, 311 pp, £30.00, October 1989, ISBN 0 521 37456 1
  • Solomonic Judgments: Studies in the Limitations of Rationality by Jon Elster
    Cambridge, 232 pp, £25.00, October 1989, ISBN 0 521 37457 X
  • Nuts and Bolts for the Social Sciences by Jon Elster
    Cambridge, 184 pp, £22.50, October 1989, ISBN 0 521 37455 3

Roads breed traffic. The M25 motorway round London eased congestion at first, and so tempted more drivers into more journeys. A belief that a good road is empty soon fills it up.

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