Man of God

C.H. Sisson

  • Michael Ramsey: A Life by Owen Chadwick
    Oxford, 422 pp, £17.50, March 1990, ISBN 0 19 826189 6
  • Michael Ramsey: A Portrait by Michael De-la-Noy
    Collins, 268 pp, £12.99, February 1990, ISBN 0 00 215332 7

It cannot be easy to be Archbishop of Canterbury. The holder is open to all the confusions of public life, yet has to follow threads which are invisible to many of those who do business with him or question him as to the meaning of his pronouncements. As the successor of St Augustine, he has to look back on two thousand years and more of history; as the butt of politicians and journalists, he has to justify himself to a world in which the language of Christianity has become merely vestigial. The complexities of the situation are endless.

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