Knowing more

Rosalind Mitchison

  • Poets, Polities and the People by V.G. Kiernan, edited by Harvey Kaye
    Verso, 239 pp, £29.95, June 1989, ISBN 0 86091 245 0
  • For King and Conscience: John Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee by Magnus Linklater and Christian Hesketh
    Weidenfeld, 244 pp, £16.95, June 1989, ISBN 0 297 79540 6

Victor Kiernan is here presenting essays produced over the last 45 years: the texts are only occasionally given recent additions. The topics include three essays on literature but are otherwise historical: on English patterns of protest, the expansion of literacy among working men, political aspects of religion, and Communist activity in the Thirties and after. The writing is elegant and, mostly, cool.

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