LRB Cover



  • Michael Mason

    • Report of the Inquiry into Child Abuse in Cleveland 1987 by Elizabeth Butler-Sloss
    • When Salem came to the Boro by Stuart Bell
    • The Last Taboo by Gay Search
    • Unofficial Secrets: Child Sexual Abuse – The Cleveland Case by Beatrix Campbell
  • Letters
    Norman Page, Paul Foot, George Hyde, Tim McGuire, Editors, ‘London Review’

  • Mary-Kay Wilmers

    • The Faber Book of Seductions edited by Jenny Newman
    • Journeys to the Underworld by Fiona Pitt-Kethley
  • Susannah Clapp

    • The Suzy Lamplugh Story by Andrew Stephen
  • Barbara Everett

    • A Sinking Island: The Modern English Writers by Hugh Kenner
  • James Fenton
    Five Poems

  • Robert Crawford

    • MacDiarmid by Alan Bold
    • A Drunk Man looks at the Thistle by Hugh MacDiarmid, edited by Kenneth Buthlay
    • The Hugh MacDiarmid-George Ogilvie Letters edited by Catherine Kerrigan
    • Hugh MacDiarmid and the Russian by Peter McCarey
  • Rosalind Mitchison

    • Bonnie Prince Charlie by Rosalind Marshall
    • Bonnie Prince Charlie: A Biography by Susan Maclean Kybett
    • Charles Edward Stuart: A Tragedy in Many Acts by Frank McLynn
    • Mary Queen of Scots: A Study in Failure by Jenny Wormald
    • Mary Stewart: Queen in Three Kingdoms edited by Michael Lynch
    • The Shadow of a Crown: The Life Story of James II of England and VII of Scotland by Meriol Trevor
    • The Scottish Tory Party: A History by Gerald Warner
    • The Elgins, 1766-1917: A Tale of Aristocrats, Proconsuls and their Wives by Sydney Checkland
  • Frank Kuppner
    Poem: ‘A Sequence of Sorts – Three Albanian Folksongs’

  • T.H. Barrett

    • Khubilai Khan: His Life and Times by Morris Rossabi
    • Searches for an Imaginary Kingdom: The Legend of the Kingdom of Prester John by L.N. Gumilev, translated by R.E.F. Smith
  • Edmund Leach

    • The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph Tainter
  • Alan Knight

    • Revolutionary Mexico: The Coming and Process of the Mexican Revolution by John Mason Hart
  • Peter Campbell

    • Many Masks: A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright by Brendan Gill
  • Jack Matthews

    • The Lyre of Orpheus by Robertson Davies
  • Chris Baldick

    • Poetry, Language and Politics by John Barrell
    • Garden – Nature – Language by Simon Pugh
    • Writing Ireland: Colonialism, Nationalism and Culture by David Cairns and Shaun Richards
    • The Shakespeare Myth edited by Graham Holderness
  • Francis Wyndham

  • John Sutherland

    • The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals. Vol. IV: 1824-1900 edited by Walter Houghton, Esther Rhoads Houghton and Jean Harris Slingerland
    • Circulation: Defoe, Dickens and the Economies of the Novel by David Trotter
    • From Copyright to Copperfield by Alexander Welsh