Who needs nuclear weapons?

Philip Towle

  • Without the Bomb: The Politics of Nuclear Non-Proliferation by Mitchell Reiss
    Columbia, 337 pp, $35.00, January 1988, ISBN 0 231 06438 1
  • Deep Black: The Secrets of Space Espionage by William Burrows
    Bantam, 401 pp, £14.95, January 1988, ISBN 0 593 01342 5
  • Democracy and Deterrence: The History and Future of Nuclear Strategy by Philip Bobbitt
    Macmillan, 350 pp, £29.50, March 1988, ISBN 0 333 43537 0

It is ironic but quite likely that, if US-Soviet relations continue to improve, the fear of nuclear weapons spreading to more states will loom ever larger. Partly, this will only be a question of appearances: solve one problem and others which seemed minor occupy more attention. But in any case the spread of nuclear knowledge will continue inexorably. Furthermore, it may be that some states will feel less confidence in the nuclear guarantees given to them by the super-powers, and thus that they have to have their own nuclear weapons, if détente becomes firmer.

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