Driving in the car with her

Don Coles

Driving in the car with her
Was wonderful! So close –
He loved, without any rush
To say so,

Those guileless uncoverings of
Legs getting in, their confidential
Jostlings as long as he kept
His foot down, the car

Moving in the tunnel of itself
Narrowing their options to
Crossing or uncrossing, or just
Dumbly offering themselves

Usually neatly together, which was
Fine, or now and then
Faintly apart. Amazing
How much good will

Their speechlessness built,
Also their apparent autonomy,
Not acknowledging her subtle face
Up above them even once,

While on the windscreen
Loomed and fled
Whole transparencies of clouds and leaves
As he drove – unused pastorals

Stacking up behind. No matter
Whether, re-arranging herself, she
Occasionally pointed them towards him
Or away, the car’s

Little hurtling sky
Kept them close, and unmolested
Unless by a pensive hand,
Inadvertently. O Love,

The flawless creatures said,
Only we two can move your mind
To its ghost-marks, always,
And keep you from life’s weariness.