Is there a health crisis?

Roy Porter

  • The Public Health Challenge edited by Stephen Farrow
    Hutchinson, 160 pp, £12.95, November 1987, ISBN 0 09 173165 8
  • The Truth about the Aids Panic by Michael Fitzpatrick and Don Milligan
    Junius, 68 pp, £1.95, March 1987, ISBN 0 948392 07 X
  • Dangerous Sexualities: Medico-Moral Politics in England since 1830 by Frank Mort
    Routledge, 280 pp, £7.95, October 1987, ISBN 0 7102 0856 1
  • Medicine and Labour: The Politics of a Profession by Steve Watkins
    Lawrence and Wishart, 272 pp, £6.95, May 1987, ISBN 0 85315 639 5

Are we, or are we not, in the throes of a health crisis? Read some of what is said, and it seems as though our civilisation is about to collapse in an Aids-related catastrophe, at the very moment when the National Health Service is itself suffering Government-administered euthanasia. Listen to others, and all this is made out to be so much cant, cynically orchestrated by interested parties: on the one hand, to bash the gays; on the other, to aggrandise the medical profession still further.

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