Double Brains

P.W. Atkins

  • Medicine, Mind and the Double Brain by Anne Harrington
    Princeton, 336 pp, £24.70, November 1987, ISBN 0 691 08332 0
  • The Multiple Self edited by Jon Elster
    Cambridge, 269 pp, £9.95, September 1987, ISBN 0 521 34683 5
  • Memory by Mary Warnock
    Faber, 150 pp, £11.95, October 1987, ISBN 0 571 14783 6

Anne Harrington’s masterly account of homo duplex is more than just an account of the emergence of our understanding of our own inner dissymmetry. It sets the striving towards comprehension amid the social prejudices and pressures of the 19th century and shows how the expectations of the time moulded scientific opinion. We are made aware of the traffic of ideas about this most intimate of parts between those who were discovering and those who were using the discoveries. Here we see science in the grip of society.

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