‘Family in Terror of an Evil Spirit’

Gavin Ewart

Evening News, Edited, Printed and Published in Scotland’s Capital City, Saturday, 15 August 1987

There’s a wee Evil Spirit abroad in a wee West Lothian family,
a wee Invisible Force has attacked, with a knife, a girl lodger –
slashed the wee girl with a knife, causing terror and turmoil in Dedridge!
Along with her three wee sons, Mrs Avril Perkins is frightened.
Her lodger, Lorraine Ronaldson, has wee multiple scars on her body;
gas taps turned off, graffiti, TV sets smashed, a disaster area, a wee one,
it certainly is! And a wee Poltergeist is suspected,
giving out horrible threats, throwing dogs! In a wee while, will it scarper?
Reverend Stewart Lamont says that it’s quite paranormal,
these wee phenomena last for a couple of years, then they vanish!