Homage to André Friedmann

Peter Campbell

  • Robert Capa by Richard Whelan
    Faber, 315 pp, £15.00, October 1985, ISBN 0 571 13661 3
  • Robert Capa: Photographs edited by Cornell Capa and Richard Whelan
    Faber, 242 pp, £15.00, October 1985, ISBN 0 571 13660 5

In November 1938 Picture Post devoted 11 pages to pictures of a Loyalist attack on Insurgent troops outside Barcelona. They described one, showing men sheltering from falling shells, as ‘the most amazing war picture ever taken’. The caption to the full-page portrait of the photographer read ‘The Greatest War-Photographer in the World: Robert Capa’. Life also ran the story and described how Capa had crossed the river Segre with the troops the night before the action.

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