LRB Cover
Cover: Diane Arbus



  • Neal Ascherson

    • The Rise and Fall of the Political Press in Britain. Vol. II: The 20th Century by Stephen Koss
    • Lies, Damned Lies and Some Exclusives by Henry Porter
    • Garvin of the ‘Observer’ by David Ayerst
    • The Beaverbrook I Knew edited by Logan Gourlay
  • Letters
    Christopher Driver, Geoffrey Hartman, George Watson, Joseph Rykwert

  • Marilyn Butler

    • Foreign Affairs by Alison Lurie
  • Andrew Motion
    Poem: ‘Firing Practice’

  • John Ryle

    • Killing for Company: The Case of Dennis Nilsen by Brian Masters
    • Queens by Pickles
    • Ritualised Homosexuality in Melanesia edited by Gilbert Herdt
  • David Widgery

    • John Winston Lennon. Vol. I: 1940-1966 by Ray Coleman
    • John Ono Lennon. Vol. II: 1967-1980 by Ray Coleman
    • John Lennon, Summer of 1980 by Yoko Ono
  • Tom Paulin
    Poem: ‘At Mill with Slaves’

  • Penny Boumelha

    • Diane Arbus: A Biography by Patricia Bosworth
    • Inside the Onion by Howard Nemerov
  • Penelope Gilliatt

    • The ‘Vogue’ Bedside Book edited by Josephine Ross
    • The Art of Zandra Rhodes by Anne Knight and Zandra Rhodes
  • Hugh Barnes

    • So Much Love by Beryl Reid
    • Knock wood by Candice Bergen
  • Paul Delany

    • Modern Times by Peter York
    • Face Value: The Politics of Beauty by Robin Tolmach Lakoff and Raquel Scherr
  • Stuart Airlie

    • Chivalry by Maurice Keen
    • The Rise of Romance by Eugène Vinaver
    • War in the Middle Ages by Philippe Contamine, translated by Michael Jones
    • War and Government in the Middle Ages edited by John Gillingham and J.C. Holt
    • Prussian Society and the German Order by Michael Burleigh
  • Anthony Pagden

    • Settecento Riformatore. Vol. IV: La Caduta dell’Antico Regime 1776-1789. Part One: I Grandi Staii dell’Occidente by Franco Venturi
    • Settecento Riformatore. Vol. IV: La Caduta dell’Antico Regime 1776-1789. Part Two: II Patriotismo Repubblicano e gli Imperi dell’Est by Franco Venturi
    • The Great Cat Massacre, and Other Episodes in French Cultural History by Robert Darnton
    • Rousseau, Dreamer of Democracy by James Miller
  • R.J. Berry

    • Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Human Fertilisation and Embryology
    • Human Procreation: Ethical Aspects of the New Techniques
    • The Redundant Male by Jeremy Cherfas and John Gribbin
    • Begotten of Made?: Human Procreation and Medical Technique by Oliver O’Donovan
  • Roy Harris

    • Longman Dictionary of the English Language by Randolph Quirk
    • The Private Lives of English Words by Louis Heller, Alexander Humez and Malcah Dror
    • The Penguin Dictionary of Troublesome Words by Bill Bryson
    • The Origins of English Words: A Discursive Dictionary of Indo-European Roots by Joseph Shipley
    • A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English by Eric Partidge and Paul Beale
  • Michael Wood

    • The Dark Hole Days by Una Woods
    • Superior Women by Alice Adams
    • The Collected Stories by Frank Tuohy
    • The Apple in the Dark by Clarice Lispector, translated by Gregory Rabassa
    • Family Ties by Clarice Lispector and Giovanni Pontiero
  • Arthur Marwick

  • Patrick Parrinder

    • Garden, Ashes by Danilo Kis, translated by William Hannaher
    • Star Turn by Nigel Williams
    • On Glory’s Course by James Purdy
  • Bernard Bergonzi

    • The Turning Key: Autobiography and the Subjective Impulse since 1800 by Jerome Hamilton Buckley
    • The Art of Autobiography in 19th and 20th-Century England by A.O.J. Cockshut