Lawrence Gowing

In the future, when people are wondering whether they ‘like’ that cyclopean mass of concrete, the Hayward Gallery, or how they can endure the dictates of British Gaullism, or whether they love that faithful wing of it that is charged with cultural governance, I hope they will remember the successive anxiety, bafflement, reassurance, and ultimate aesthetic conciliation, which chased one another across their hearts in this cold spring of 1984. They should think of the sensation, as if of coming home, of the enormously affecting rediscovery, in the concrete gallery, of the beauty – itself both gigantic and delicately faithful – of English Romanesque.

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[*] English Romanesque Art 1066-1200(Weidenfeld, 416 pp., £19.95 and £10.95, 23 March, 0 297 78412 9). The exhibition closes on 8 July. The Glory of the Garden was published on 30 March by the Arts Council.