LRB Cover
Cover: Don McCullin



  • Dan Jacobson
    The Boer-Lover

  • Letters
    Anthony Sheil, Julietta Harvey, Daniel Eilon, Peter Davison, Editors, ‘London Review’

  • Richard Rorty

    • Margins of Philosophy by Jacques Derrida, translated by Alan Bass
  • Stuart Hampshire

    • Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges
  • Michael Mason

    • Darwin’s Plots: Evolutionary Narrative in Darwin, George Eliot and 19th-Century Fiction by Gillian Beer
  • Jonathan Barnes

    • Science, Folklore and Ideology by G.E.R. Lloyd
  • Randolph Quirk
    1984 and ‘1984’

  • Peter Medawar

    • A Time to Remember: The Autobiography of a Chemist by Alexander Todd
  • Margaret Moore
    Poem: ‘Lifestyle’

  • Edward Said

    • Israel in Lebanon: The Report of the International Commission by Sean MacBride
    • Sabra et Chatila: Enquête sur un Massacre by Amnon Kapeliouk
    • Final Conflict: The War in the Lebanon by John Bulloch
    • Lebanon: The Fractured Country by David Gilmour
    • The Tragedy of Lebanon: Christian Warlords, Israeli Adventures and American Bunglers by Jonathan Randal
    • God cried by Tony Clifton and Catherine Leroy
    • Beirut: Frontline Story by Salim Nassib, Caroline Tisdall and Chris Steele-Perkins
    • The Fateful Triangle: Israel, the United States and the Palestinians by Noam Chomsky
  • J.P. Stern

    • Adolf Hitler: The Medical Diaries. The Private Diaries of Dr Theo Morell edited by David Irving
  • Alan Donagan

    • Justice at Nuremberg by Robert Conot
    • The Nuremberg Trial by Ann Tusa and John Tusa
  • Ann Schlee

    • Eight Feet in the Andes by Dervla Murphy
    • West African Passage: A Journey through Nigeria, Chad and the Cameroons by Margery Perham, edited by A.H.M. Kirk-Greene
    • India File by Trevor Fishlock
    • Castaway: A Story of Survival by Lucy Irvine
    • In Search of the Sahara by Quentin Crewe
  • Michael Hofmann
    Poem: ‘In the Realm of the Senses’

  • C.H. Sisson

    • The Essays, Articles and Reviews of Evelyn Waugh edited by Donat Gallagher
  • Alan Bennett

  • John Kerrigan

    • The Oxford Book of Narrative Verse edited by Iona Opie and Peter Opie
    • Time’s Oriel by Kevin Crossley-Holland
    • On Gender and Writing edited by Michelene Wandor
    • Stone, Paper, Knife by Marge Piercy
    • The Achievement of Ted Hughes edited by Keith Sagar
    • Ted Hughes and Paul Muldoon
    • River by Ted Hughes and Peter Keen
    • Quoof by Paul Muldoon