LRB Cover
Cover: Titian



  • Frank Kermode

    • Holy Scripture: Canon, Authority, Criticism by James Barr
    • Structuralist Interpretations of Biblical Myth by Edmund Leach and D. Alan Aycock
  • Letters
    Christopher Ricks, Edward Mendelson, Editor, ‘London Review of Books’, Michael Horovitz, William Milne, Robert Dorsman, Will Sulkin, Gregory McNamee, Maxim Jakubowski, Editors, ‘London Review’

  • Denton Fox

    • The New Testament in Scots translated by William Laughton Lorimer
    • Scotland and the Lowland Tongue edited by J. Derrick McClure
  • Anthony Pagden

    • The Night Battles: Witchcraft and Agrarian Cults in the 16th and 17th Centuries by Carlo Ginzburg, translated by John Tedeschi and Anne Tedeschi
  • George Walden

    • Ernest Bevin: Foreign Secretary 1945-1951 by Alan Bullock
  • Peter Medawar

    • Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler’s Ninth Symphony by Lewis Thomas
  • Donald Davie

    • A World of Difference by Norman MacCaig
  • John Bayley

    • Come aboard and sail away by John Fuller
    • Children in Exile by James Fenton
    • ‘The Memory of War’ and ‘Children in Exile’: Poems 1968-1983 by James Fenton
    • Some Contemporary Poets of Britain and Ireland: An Anthology edited by Michael Schmidt
    • Nights in the Iron Hotel by Michael Hofmann
    • The Irish Lights by Charles Johnston and Kyril Fitzlyon
    • Fifteen to Infinity by Ruth Fainlight
    • Donald Davie and the Responsibilities of Literature edited by George Dekker
  • Lawrence Gowing
    Human Stuff

  • John Sturrock

    • Course in General Linguistics by Ferdinand de Saussure, translated by Roy Harris
    • Semiotic Perspectives by Sandor Hervey
  • Charles Causley
    Poem: ‘In the Pinnacles Desert’

  • J.I.M. Stewart

    • Soor Hearts by Robert Alan Jamieson
    • The Life and Loves of a She-Devil by Fay Weldon
    • Cathedral by Raymond Carver
    • The Cannibal Galaxy by Cynthia Ozick
    • The Collected Works of Jane Bowles introduction by Truman Capote
    • Let it come down by Paul Bowles
  • D.A.N. Jones

    • Ring of Truth by Vernon Scannell
    • The Tiger and the Rose: An Autobiography by Vernon Scannell
    • Man of War by John Masters
    • The Notebook of Gismondo Cavalletti by R.M. Lamming
    • The Rape of Shavi by Buchi Emecheta
    • Thomas Lyster: A Cambridge Novel by David Wurtzel
    • Don’t Swing a Cat by Eva Bolgar
  • Caroline Moorehead

    • The Brotherhood: The Secret World of the Freemasons by Stephen Knight
    • The Calvi Affair: Death of a Banker by Larry Gurwin
  • Denis Donoghue

    • Towards 2000 by Raymond Williams
    • Writing in Society by Raymond Williams
    • Radical Earnestness: English Social Theory 1880-1980 by Fred Inglis
  • Ian Hamilton
    Three Poems

  • Rosemary Dinnage

  • James Atlas

    • The Oxford Companion to American Literature by James Hart
    • The Modern American Novel by Malcolm Bradbury
    • The Literature of the United States by Marshall Walker
    • American Fictions 1940-1980: A Comprehensive History and Critical Valuation by Frederick Karl
    • Hugging the Shore: Essays and Criticism by John Updike
  • Nina Bawden

    • At the Jazz Band Ball: A Memory of the 1950s by Philip Oakes