LRB Cover



  • Paul Seabright

    • A Pocket Popper edited by David Miller
    • The Postscript to the Logic of Scientific Discovery. Vol. I: Realism and the Aim of Science by Karl Popper, edited by W.W. Bartely
    • The Philosophy of Popper by T.E. Burke
    • In Pursuit of Truth: Essays in Honour of Karl Popper’s 80th Birthday edited by Paul Levinson
    • Science and Moral Priority by Roger Sperry
    • Art, Science and Human Progress edited by R.B. McConnell
  • Letters
    John Lahr, Michael Pye, Maureen Duffy, Lora Weinroth, Ian Jack, Editors, ‘London Review’

  • Brian Barry

    • The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell. Vol. I: Cambridge Essays 1888-1899 edited by Kenneth Blackwell, Andrew Brink, Nicholas Griffin, Richard Rempel and John Slater
  • Frederick Seidel
    Poem: ‘The Blue-Eyed Doe’

  • Julietta Harvey

    • Eleni by Nicholas Gage
  • John Horgan

    • Political Violence in Ireland: Government and Resistance since 1848 by Charles Townshend
  • David Cannadine

    • F.E. Smith, First Earl of Birkenhead by John Campbell
  • Peter Clarke

    • That Noble Science of Politics: A Study in 19th-Century Intellectual History by Stefan Collini, Donald Winch and John Burrow
  • Sheldon Rothblatt

    • From Clergyman to Don: The Rise of the Academic Profession in 19th-Century Oxford by A.J. Engel
  • David Starkey

    • Tudor Rule and Revolution: Essays for G.R. Elton from his American Friends edited by DeLloyd Guth and John McKenna
    • Essays on Tudor and Stuart Politics and Government. Vol III: Papers and Reviews 1973-1981 by G.R. Elton
    • Which road to the past?: Two Views of History by Robert William Fogel and G.R. Elton
  • Christopher Norris

    • Text Production by Michael Riffaterre, translated by Terese Lyons
    • Writing and the Experience of Limits by Philippe Sollers, edited by David Hayman, translated by Philip Barnard
    • The Reach of Criticism: Method and Perception in Literary Theory by Paul Fry
    • Blindness and Insight: Essays in the Rhetoric of Contemporary Criticism by Paul de Man, edited by Wlad Godzich
    • Displacement: Derrida and After edited by Mark Krupnick
    • Authoritarian Fictions: The Ideological Novel as a Literary Genre by Susan Rubin Suleiman
  • Clive James
    Poem: ‘Will those responsible come forward?’

  • Neal Ascherson

    • Roman by Roman Polanski
  • George Woodcock
    Elegy for an Anarchist

  • Alexei Sayle

  • George Woodcock
    Poem: ‘For Kenneth Rexroth, 1905-1982’

  • Peter Prince

    • Minor Characters by Joyce Johnson
    • Neurotica: The Authentic Voice of the Beat Generation 1948-1951 edited by Jay Landesman and G. Legman
    • Memory Babe: A Critical Biography of Jack Kerouac by Gerald Nicosia