LRB Cover
Cover: Patrick Procktor



  • J.I.M. Stewart

    • ‘Oh Beloved Kids’: Rudyard Kipling’s Letters to his Children edited by Elliot Gilbert
  • Letters
    D.G. Wright, Park Honan, Editor, ‘London Review of Books’, Vivian Elliot, Julia Wellard

  • Roy Porter

    • Montaigne: Essays in Reading edited by Gérard Defaux
    • Montaigne and Melancholy: The Wisdom of the ‘Essays’ by M.A. Screech
  • Jon Elster

    • Mémoires by Raymond Aron
    • Clausewitz: Philosopher of War by Raymond Aron, translated by Norman Stone and Christine Booker
    • Clausewitz by Michael Howard
  • David Fraser

    • Monty. Vol. II: Master of the Battlefield 1942-1944 by Nigel Hamilton
    • Decision in Normandy: The Unwritten Story of Montgomery and the Allied Campaign by Carlo D’Este
  • Brian Bond

    • Fire-Power: British Army Weapons and Theories of War by Shelford Bidwell and Dominick Graham
    • The Crucible of War: Year of Alamein 1942 by Barrie Pitt
  • Anne Sofer

    • The Battle for Bermondsey by Peter Tatchell
  • Martin Lightfoot
    In Defence of ILEA

  • Betty Kemp

    • The Writings and Speeches of Edmund Burke. Vol. II: Party, Parliament and the American Crisis, 1766-1774 edited by Paul Langford
    • The Writings and Speeches of Edmund Burke. Vol. V: India: Madras and Bengal, 1774-1785 edited by P.J. Marshall
    • The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: Constitutional Code, Vol. I edited by F. Rosen and J.H. Burns
    • The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: Deontology, together with a Table of the Springs of Action and Article on Utilitarianism edited by Amnon Goldworth
    • The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: Chrestomathia edited by M.J. Smith and W.H. Burston
    • Bentham and Bureaucracy by L.J. Hume
    • Jeremy Bentham and Representative Democracy: A Study of the Constitutional Code by Frederick Rosen
    • Bentham by Ross Harrison
  • M.I. Finley

    • Death and Renewal. Sociological Studies in Roman History: Vol. II by Keith Hopkins
  • Pat Rogers

    • The Other Side of the Fire by Alice Thomas Ellis
    • London Tales edited by Julian Evans
    • Londoners by Maureen Duffy
    • Good Friends, Just by Anne Leaton
  • Anita Brookner

    • Fathers: Reflections by Daughters edited by Ursula Owen
  • Denis Arnold

    • A History of English Opera by Eric Walter White
  • Michael Ignatieff

    • The Shoemaker: Anatomy of a Psychotic by Flora Rheta Schreiber
  • Christopher Driver

    • The String Quartet: A History by Paul Griffiths
    • Gyorgy Ligeti by Paul Griffiths
  • Nicholas Spice

    • Otto Klemperer: His Life and Times. Vol.I: 1885-1933 by Peter Heyworth
    • Score and Podium: A Complete Guide to Conducting by Frederik Prausnitz
    • The New Oxford Companion to Music edited by Denis Arnold
  • P.N. Johnson-Laird

    • Consciousness Regained: Chapters in the Development of Mind by Nicholas Humphrey
  • C.K. Stead
    Poem: ‘Between’

  • A.J. Ayer

  • W.H. Auden
    Poem: ‘Letter to an Editor’

  • Denis Donoghue

    • W.H.Auden: The Critical Heritage edited by John Haffenden
    • Auden: A Carnival of Intellect by Edward Callan
    • Drawn from the Life: A Memoir by Robert Medley
  • Richard Altick

    • Lewis and Lewis by John Juxon