Hatters’ Castle

Robert Morley

  • A Yorkshire Boyhood by Roy Hattersley
    Chatto, 215 pp, £8.95, June 1983, ISBN 0 7011 2613 2
  • Letters to a Grandson by Lord Home
    Collins, 151 pp, £6.95, July 1983, ISBN 0 00 217061 2

Roy Hattersley’s book is an engaging account of what life was like for those caught in the poverty trap in Britain during the Thirties and Forties. The Hattersley family eventually climbed out: Enid, his mother, became Lady Mayoress of Sheffield and Roy a possible future prime minister. Like Mr Tebbitt’s celebrated parent, his father got on his bike, and at one time pedalled thirty miles each way to Barnsley on a machine with a front wheel so buckled it threw its rider into the air like a circus performer. There was no money for a new wheel, so the daily journey was made moving up and down as well as forward.

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