LRB Cover
Cover: Margaret Bourke-White



  • Jonathan Steinberg

    • After Poland by Enrico Berlinguer, translator Antonio Bronda and Stephen Boddington
  • Letters
    Tony Burgess, David Callahan, Paul Milican, Susanne Kappeler, Julie Jack, Editor, ‘London Review of Books’, A.J. Ryder, Paul Edwards, Prudence Crowther

  • Paul Addison

    • Winston Churchill: Companion Vol. V, Part III, The Coming of War 1936-1939 by Martin Gilbert
    • Finest Hour: Winston Churchill, 1939-1941 by Martin Gilbert
    • Churchill 1874-1915 by Ted Morgan
    • The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill, Visions of Glory, 1874-1932 by William Manchester
  • John Horgan

    • In Time of War by Robert Fisk
  • Martin Pugh

    • Governing without a Majority by David Butler
    • Multi-Party Politics and the Constitution by Vernon Bogdanor
    • Decade of Dealignment by Bo Särlvik, Ivor Crewe, Neil Day and Robert MacDermid
  • Mark Ridley

    • Evolution and Theory of Games by John Maynard Smith
  • John Hedley Brooke

    • Archetypes and Ancestors: Palaeontology in Victorian London 1850-1875 by Adrian Desmond
    • Evolution without Evidence: Charles Darwin and ‘The Origin Species’ by Barry Gale
    • The Secular Ark: Studies in the History of Biogeography by Janet Browne
    • The Descent of Darwin: A Handbook of Doubts about Darwinsm by Brain Leith
  • Jennifer Hornsby

    • Language and Thought by John Pollock
  • J.P. Stern

    • Franz Kafka’s Loneliness by Marthe Robert, translator Ralph Manheim
    • Kafka’s Narrators by Roy Pascal
    • The Trial by Franz Kafka, translator Willa Muir and Edwin Muir
    • Letters to Milena by Franz Kafka, editor Willy Haas, translator Tania Stern and James Stern
    • The Penguin Complete Novels of Franz Kafka: ‘The Trial’, ‘The Castle’, ‘America’ translated by Willa Muir, illustrated by Edwin Muir
    • The Penguin Complete Short Stories of Franz Kafka edited by Nahum Glatzer
  • Peter Godman

    • The Monsters and the Critics, and Other Essays by J.R.R. Tolkien, editor Christopher Tolkien
    • The Road to Middle-Earth by T.A. Shippey
    • Finn and Hengest: The Fragment and the Episode by J.R.R. Tolkien, editor Alan Bliss
  • E.D. Hirsch

    • On Deconstruction: Theory and Criticism after Structuralism by Jonathan Culler
  • Norman Stone

    • The Invention of Tradition edited by Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger
  • William Lamont

    • Charles I and the Popish Plot by Caroline Hibbard
    • Charles I: The Personal Monarch by Charles Carlton
    • The Puritan Moment: The Coming of Revolution in an English County by William Hunt
  • Matthew Sweeney
    Poem: ‘Imagined Arrival’

  • Christian Hesketh

    • Northampton: Patronage and Policy at the Court of James I by Linda Levy Peck
  • Frank Kermode

  • Philip Horne

    • A Nail on the Head by Clare Boylan
    • New Stories 8: An Arts Council Anthology edited by Karl Miller
    • The Handyman by Penelope Mortimer
    • Open the Door by Rosemary Manning
    • A Boy’s Own Story by Edmund White