LRB Cover
Cover: François Hers



  • Richard Rorty

    • The Legitimacy of the Modern Age by Hans Blumenberg, translated by Robert Wallace
  • Letters
    Martin Dodsworth, David Twersky, Bjorne Nilsen, William Milne, Editor, ‘London Review of Books’

  • Ian Hamilton

    • Ancient Evenings by Norman Mailer
  • Paul Seabright

    • Consequences of Pragmatism: Essays 1972-1980 by Richard Rorty
  • Jon Elster
    One Hundred Years of Marxist Social Science

  • John McManners

    • The Oxford Book of Death edited by D.J. Enright
    • Idéologies et Mentalités by Michel Vovelle
  • John Bayley

    • Dostoevsky and ‘The Idiot’: Author, Narrator and Reader by Robin Feuer Miller
    • Dostoevsky by John Jones
    • New Essays on Dostoyevsky edited by Malcolm Jones and Garth Terry
    • The Art of Dostoevsky: Deliriums and Nocturnes by Robert Louis Jackson
  • Pat Rogers

    • The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Vol X: Companion and Vol XI: Index edited by Robert Latham
    • The Diary of John Evelyn edited by John Bowle
    • The Brave Courtier: Sir William Temple by Richard Faber
  • M.A. Screech

    • Collected Works of Erasmus. Vol. V: The Correspondence of Erasmus edited by Peter Bietenholz, translated by R.A.B Mynors
    • Collected Works of Erasmus. Vol. XXXI: Adages Ii 1 to Iv 100 edited by R.A.B. Mynors, translated by Margaret Mann Phillips
    • Le Disciple de Pantagruel edited by Guy Demerson and Christiane Lauvergnat-Gagnière
  • Stephen Bann

    • Worstward Ho by Samuel Beckett
    • That Voice by Robert Pinget, translated by Barbara Wright
    • King Solomon by Romain Gary, translated by Barbara Wright
    • A Year in Hartlebury, or The Election by Benjamin Disraeli and Sarah Disraeli
    • The Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire by Doris Lessing
  • John Lucas

    • Sherston’s Progress by Siegfried Sassoon
    • The War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon by Rupert Hart-Davis
    • Siegfried Sassoon Diaries 1915-1918 edited by Rupert Hart-Davis
  • Lachlan Mackinnon
    Poem: ‘Here’

  • Michael Mason

    • Far Away and Long Ago by W.H. Hudson
    • W.H. Hudson: A Biography by Ruth Tomalin
  • A.J.P. Taylor

  • Philip Horne

    • Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter by Mario Vargas Llosa, translated by Helen Lane
  • Brian Bond

    • Hidden Weapons: Allied Secret or Undercover Services in World War Two by Basil Collier
    • The Other Ultra: Codes, Ciphers and the Defeat of Japan by Ronald Lewin
    • The Puzzle Palace by James Bamford