New Mortality

John Harvey

  • The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving
    Cape, 401 pp, £6.95, October 1981, ISBN 0 224 01961 9
  • The Villa Golitsyn by Piers Paul Read
    Secker, 193 pp, £6.95, October 1981, ISBN 0 436 40968 2
  • Funeral Games by Mary Renault
    Murray, 257 pp, £6.95, November 1981, ISBN 0 7195 3883 1
  • The Cupboard by Rose Tremain
    Macdonald, 251 pp, £6.95, October 1981, ISBN 0 03 540476 0

One of the genuinely eerie moments in the recent huge and hollow film about a huge and hollow hotel, The Shining, comes in the late shot where we get a glimpse inside one of the rooms that should be empty, and see some sort of human bear, or person in a bearskin, kneeling to a woman in evening dress: this couple looks back at us slowly, surprised in we can’t guess what macabre rite of love.

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