Big Acts

Ross McKibbin

  • Portrait of a Progressive: The Political Career of Christopher, Viscount Addison by Kenneth Morgan and Jane Morgan
    Oxford, 326 pp, £15.00, May 1980, ISBN 0 19 822494 X

The Doctors Morgan had the happy idea of converting Jane Morgan’s doctoral thesis on the career of Christopher Addison into a book and the result is this important and sympathetic biography. As they point out in their preface, he has hitherto had no worthwhile study; R. J. Minney’s biography is, they rightly note, ‘very unsatisfactory’ and drawn from a narrow range of sources. The opening of Cabinet and department records and the depositing of Addison’s bulky papers in the Bodleian Library made the writing of a new biography desirable and inevitable; further, given their formidable combined expertise, it was probably desirable and inevitable that it should be written by Kenneth and Jane Morgan.

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