The Loneliness Thing

Peter Campbell

  • Nature and Culture by Barbara Novak
    Thames and Hudson, 323 pp, £16.00, August 1980, ISBN 0 500 01245 8
  • Edward Hopper: The Complete Prints by Gail Levin
    Norton, 128 pp, £9.95, April 1980, ISBN 0 393 01275 1
  • Edward Hopper as illustrator by Gail Levin
    Norton, 288 pp, £15.95, April 1980, ISBN 0 393 01243 3

When Frederic Church’s lost painting ‘The Icebergs’ was found to be in the possession of a school in England, newspapers here had to explain that Church was a 19th-century American painter. The picture made 2½ million dollars at auction in New York: a reminder that provincial values – in a number of senses of those words – can still surprise.

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