Men, Women and English Girls

Lyndall Gordon

  • Looking for Laforgue by David Arkell
    Carcanet, 248 pp, £6.95, November 1980, ISBN 0 85635 285 3
  • A Night of Serious Drinking by René Daumal, translated by David Coward
    Routledge, 150 pp, £5.95, October 1980, ISBN 0 7100 0325 0

David Arkell calls his biography Looking for Laforgue and he has undoubtedly found him. Without attempting what is popularly labelled ‘official’ biography, Arkell’s informal portrait is so convincing that it is hard to see an official biography adding more than superfluous detail. He brings us close to the living temper of a poet who is still fairly unknown to English-speakers but who, through his impact on T.S. Eliot, could claim to be the inventor of modern poetry.

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