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The Real Johnn</span>y Hall

Penelope Fitzgerald

3 October 1985
Our Three Selves:&nbsp;A Life of Radclyffe Hall&nbsp;
by Michael Baker.
Hamish Hamilton, 386 pp., &pound;13.95, June 1985, 0&nbsp;241&nbsp;11539&nbsp;6
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... When The Well of Loneliness came out in July 1928 the reviewers were not astonished. Both Leonard Woolf and...

Grand Theories

W.G. Runciman

17 October 1985
The Return of Grand Theory in the Human Sciences&nbsp;
edited by Quentin Skinn</span>er.
Cambridge, 215 pp., &pound;17.50, July 1985, 0&nbsp;521&nbsp;26692&nbsp;0
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by Erik Olin Wright.
Verso, 344 pp., &pound;20, September 1985, 0&nbsp;86091&nbsp;104&nbsp;7
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Powers and Liberties:&nbsp;The Causes and Consequences of the Rise of the West&nbsp;
by John  Hall.
Blackwell, 282 pp., &pound;19.50, September 1985, 0&nbsp;631&nbsp;14542&nbsp;7
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... What is a ‘Grand’ as opposed to a ‘General’ theory, in the human sciences or anywhere else? Nobody talks about Keynes’s Grand Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, any more than they do about Einstein’s Grand Theory of Relativity ...


John Sutherland

9 January 1992
The Chronicler of Barsetshire:&nbsp;A Life of Anthony Trollope&nbsp;
by R.H. Super.
Manchester, 528 pp., &pound;29.95, July 1990, 0&nbsp;472&nbsp;10102&nbsp;1
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Anthony Trollope:&nbsp;A Victorian in his World&nbsp;
by Richard Mullen</a>.
Duckworth, 767 pp., &pound;25, July 1990, 0&nbsp;7156&nbsp;2293&nbsp;5
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Trollope:&nbsp;A Biography&nbsp;
by N. John  Hall.
Oxford, 581 pp., &pound;25, October 1991, 0&nbsp;19&nbsp;812627&nbsp;1
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... Trollope is our most popular and reprinted Victorian  novelist. His new companions in the Abbey – Dickens, George Eliot and Hardy – may sell more copies of individual novels, but they cannot match the expansiveness of Trollope’s appeal ...
26 November 1998
The Restraint of Beasts&nbsp;
by Magnus Mills.
Flamingo, 215 pp., &pound;9.99, September 1998, 0&nbsp;00&nbsp;225720&nbsp;3
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... In the mid-August silly season, excitement for bored hacks was provided by a rumour of mysterious origin, about a London bus driver who had received a fortune – the statutory ‘cool million’ – in advances and film rights for his first novel ...
1 July 1982
The Gentleman in Trollope:&nbsp;Individuality and Moral Conduct&nbsp;
by Shirley Letwin</a>.
Macmillan, 303 pp., &pound;15, May 1982, 0&nbsp;333&nbsp;31209&nbsp;0
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The Idea of the Gentleman in the Victorian  Novel&nbsp;
by Robin Gilmour.
Allen and Unwin, 208 pp., &pound;10, October 1981, 0&nbsp;04&nbsp;800005&nbsp;1
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... This year brings the centenary of Trollope’s death. On the whole, the anniversary has been taken calmly by his countrymen: with far less celebration than, for instance, George Eliot received in 1980 ...


John Sutherland

5 November 1992
Keepers of the Flame:&nbsp;Literary Estates and the Rise of Biography&nbsp;
by Ian Hamilton</a>.
Hutchinson, 344 pp., &pound;18.99, October 1992, 0&nbsp;09&nbsp;174263&nbsp;3
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Testamentary Acts:&nbsp;Browni ng, Tenn</span>yson, James, Hardy&nbsp;
by Michael Millgate.
Oxford, 273 pp., &pound;27.50, June 1992, 0&nbsp;19&nbsp;811276&nbsp;9
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The Last Laugh&nbsp;
by Michael Holroyd.
Chatto, 131 pp., &pound;10.99, December 1991, 0&nbsp;7011&nbsp;4583&nbsp;8
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by Victoria Glendinn</span>ing.
Hutchinson, 551 pp., &pound;20, September 1992, 0&nbsp;09&nbsp;173896&nbsp;2
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... A man of many literary parts, Ian Hamilton came to biography late and triumphantly with his life of the dead but still warm Robert Lowell ...

Two Poems

Donald Hall

19 August 1993
... The Reception         When we reached the getaway car after the reception, I         found my ushers gathered to decorate the green Oldsmobile         the usual way – with Just Married, pieplates, ribbons, and straw ...

Best Known for His Guzzleosity

Helen Hackett: Shakespeare’s Authors

11 March 2010
Contested Will:&nbsp;Who Wrote Shakespeare?&nbsp;
by James Shapiro.
Faber, 367 pp., &pound;20, April 2010, 978&nbsp;0&nbsp;571&nbsp;23576&nbsp;6
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... The subtitle of James Shapiro’s engaging new book is a tease. Shapiro, the author of 1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare (2005), is in  no doubt that William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon is the author of the works published in his name: not Sir Francis Bacon, or Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, or Christopher Marlowe, living on in secret after his apparent death in a brawl in 1593 (before most of Shakespeare’s works were written), or one of the more than 50 alternative candidates who have been proposed since the mid-19th century ...

What’s not to like?

Stefan Collini: Ernest Gellner

2 June 2011
Ernest Gellner:&nbsp;An Intellectual Biography&nbsp;
by John  Hall.
Verso, 400 pp., &pound;29.99, July 2010, 978&nbsp;1&nbsp;84467&nbsp;602&nbsp;6
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... When Ernest Gellner was teaching at the Central European University in Prague in 1995, the last year of his life, he cultivated informal social relations with the graduate students there ...


Charles Nicholl: ‘The Shakespeare Circle’

18 May 2016
The Shakespeare Circle:&nbsp;An Alternative Biography&nbsp;
edited by Paul Edmondson</a> andStanley Wells.
Cambridge, 358 pp., &pound;18.99, October 2015, 978&nbsp;1&nbsp;107&nbsp;69909&nbsp;0
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... On 16 March 1810​ a Mrs Martin, a ‘labourer’s wife’, was working a field near Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon when she turned up an old gold signet ring bearing on its bezel the initials ‘W ...


John Burnside

8 January 2004
... Matthew 19-22 This is as good as it gets: this cold fog over the water, this pale companion to the dreams I can’t forget and never quite recall. Stale afternoo...
30 October 1997
Noel Coward and Radclyffe Hall:&nbsp;Kindred Spirits&nbsp;
by Terry Castle.
Columbia, 150 pp., &pound;15.95, November 1996, 0&nbsp;231&nbsp;10596&nbsp;7
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Your John:&nbsp;The Love Letters of Radclyffe Hall&nbsp;
edited by Joann</span>e Glasgow.
New York, 273 pp., &pound;20, March 1997, 0&nbsp;8147&nbsp;3092&nbsp;2
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Radclyffe Hall:&nbsp;A Woman Called John& nbsp;
by Sally Cline.
Murray, 434 pp., &pound;25, June 1997, 9780719554087
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... Honey, she’s a forerunner, that’s what she is, a kind of pioneer that’s got left behind. I believe she’s the beginning of things like me ...
3 May 1984
The Letters of Anthony Trollope&nbsp;
edited by John  Hall.
Stanford, 1082 pp., $87.50, July 1983, 0&nbsp;8047&nbsp;1076&nbsp;7
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Anthony Trollope:&nbsp;Dream and Art&nbsp;
by Andrew Wright.
Macmillan, 173 pp., &pound;20, October 1983, 0&nbsp;333&nbsp;34593&nbsp;2
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... Anthony Trollope was a self-confessed workaholic. ‘If my success were equal to my energy,’ he remarked at the age of 55, ‘I should be a great man.’ He was also a compulsive writer ...

Beware Bad Smells

Hugh Penn</span>ington: Florence Nightingale

4 December 2008
Florence Nightingale:&nbsp;The Woman and Her Legend&nbsp;
by Mark Bostridge.
Viking, 646 pp., &pound;25, October 2008, 978&nbsp;0&nbsp;670&nbsp;87411&nbsp;8
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... As a student at St Thomas’s Hospital, I used to walk the longNightingale’ wards – Florence Nightingale had not only founded its school of nursing but was influential in the design of the building – and learned to avoid prayer-time because the way out was obstructed by the line of ‘Nightingales’ kneeling at the door in order of seniority ...

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