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Made in Heaven

Frank Kermode

10 November 1994
Frieda Lawrence 
by Rosie Jackson.
Pandora, 240 pp</span>., &pound;14.99, September 1994, 9780044409151
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The Married Man:&nbsp;A Life of D.H. Lawrence&nbsp;
by Brenda Maddox.
Sinclair-Stevenson, 631 pp</span>., &pound;20, August 1994, 1&nbsp;85619&nbsp;243&nbsp;1
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by D.H. Lawrence, edited by Bruce Steele.
Cambridge, 493 pp</span>., &pound;60, August 1994, 0&nbsp;521&nbsp;38455&nbsp;9
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Twilight in Italy and Other Essays&nbsp;
by D.H. Lawrence, edited by Paul Eggert.
Cambridge, 327 pp</span>., &pound;55, August 1994, 0&nbsp;521&nbsp;26888&nbsp;5
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... Looking down rather reprovingly from the shelf opposite are the three large volumes of Edward Nehls’s Composite Biography, a version or two of Harry T. Moore’s frequently revised biography, the first and so far the only volume of the three-tier Cambridge biography, and the ample lifework of Emile Delavenay ...

Writing Absurdity

Adam Shatz: Chester Himes

25 April 2018
Chester B. Himes:&nbsp;A Biography&nbsp;
by Lawrence P.Jackson.
Norton, 606 pp</span>., &pound;25, July 2017, 978&nbsp;0&nbsp;393&nbsp;06389&nbsp;9
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... On 21 April​ 1930, a fire broke out in the state penitentiary in Columbus, Ohio, a wretched, segregated prison where more than 4000 men were packed into a facility built to hold 1500. By the time it was extinguished, 322 prisoners lay dead, and the National Guard was called in to suppress rioting ...

Black and White Life

Mark Greif: Ralph Ellison

1 November 2007
Ralph Ellison:&nbsp;A Biography&nbsp;
by Arnold Rampersad.
Knopf, 657 pp</span>., $35, April 2007, 978&nbsp;0&nbsp;375&nbsp;40827&nbsp;4
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... In 1955, Ralph Ellison took part in a roundtable discussion on the subject ‘What’s Wrong with the American Novel?’ I came across the transcript recently and it opened my eyes. The first speakers twitter along, blaming readers for the novel’s decline ...

Hello to All That

Martin Seymour-Smith

9 October 1986
Robert Graves:&nbsp;The Assault Heroic 1895-1926&nbsp;
by Richard Perceval Graves.
Weidenfeld, 387 pp</span>., &pound;14.95, September 1986, 0&nbsp;297&nbsp;78943&nbsp;0
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... This is the first volume of a projected three-volume ‘definitive’ biography of Robert Graves by his nephew, Richard Perceval Graves. It takes over where the author’s father, Robert’s younger brother John Graves, left off ...

Who’s under the desk?

Siddhartha Deb: James Lasdun’s Novel

7 March 2002
The Horned Man&nbsp;
by James Lasdun.
Cape, 195 pp</span>., &pound;10.99, February 2002, 0&nbsp;224&nbsp;06217&nbsp;4
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... At the beginning of James Lasdun’s novel, pan class="highlight-term">Lawrencepan> Miller, a professor of gender studies at a college on the outskirts of New York, is interrupted while reading a book. When he returns to his office the next day, he finds his bookmark has been moved forward thirty pages ...


Susan Pedersen

6 October 2011
Structures and Transformations in Modern British History&nbsp;
edited by David Feldman and Jon Lawrence.
Cambridge, 331 pp</span>., &pound;50, January 2011, 978&nbsp;0&nbsp;521&nbsp;51882&nbsp;6
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The Peculiarities of Liberal Modernity in Imperial Britain&nbsp;
edited by Simon Gunn and James Vernon.
California, 271 pp</span>., &pound;20.95, May 2011, 978&nbsp;0&nbsp;9845909&nbsp;5&nbsp;7
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Classes, Cultures and Politics:&nbsp;Essays on British History for Ross McKibbin&nbsp;
edited by Clare Griffiths, John Nott and William Whyte.
Oxford, 320 pp</span>., &pound;65, April 2011, 978&nbsp;0&nbsp;19&nbsp;957988&nbsp;4
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... Publishers hate festschrifts, but scholars love them, and this has been a good year, with the publication of collections honouring three men who have done much to shape British social history over the last four decades: Ross McKibbin, Gareth Stedman Jones and Patrick Joyce ...
16 February 1984
Justice at Nuremberg&nbsp;
by Robert Conot.
Weidenfeld, 593 pp</span>., &pound;15, October 1983, 0&nbsp;297&nbsp;78360&nbsp;2
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The Nuremberg Trial&nbsp;
by Ann Tusa and John Tusa.
Macmillan, 519 pp</span>., &pound;12.95, October 1983, 0&nbsp;333&nbsp;27463&nbsp;6
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... all but three were found guilty, of whom 11 were sentenced to be hanged and the rest to be imprisoned for long terms. Why the trial was held at all, how it was conducted, and whether justice was done are the themes of these books. The core of the evidence on which both draw is the same: the 22 volumes of the official transcri...
22 November 1979
A.E. Housman&nbsp;
by Richard Perceval Graves.
Routledge, 304 pp</span>., &pound;9.75
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... There is, as Richard Graves points out, no general biography of Housman. The books about him by Laurence Housman, Grant Richards and Percy Withers are valuable, because these men knew Housman and could describe him: but they are not biographies ...
12 July 1990
Oxford Readings in Vergil’s ‘Aeneid’&nbsp;
edited by S.J. Harrison.
Oxford, 488 pp</span>., &pound;45, April 1990, 0&nbsp;19&nbsp;814389&nbsp;3
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... A suggestive history of Western moral, literary and political sensibility could be written in terms of the relative status, at given periods and in different societies, of Homer and Virgil. The actual Homeric texts come late into European Christendom ...

One for Uncle

John Bayley

5 April 1990
Robert Graves:&nbsp;The Years with Laura 1926-1940&nbsp;
by Richard Perceval Graves.
Weidenfeld, 380 pp</span>., &pound;25, March 1990, 0&nbsp;297&nbsp;79672&nbsp;0
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... A bolt-eyed, blue-shirted, shock headed hatless man ... ‘Mrs Woolf? ... I’m Graves.’ He appeared to have been rushing through the air at sixty miles an hour and to have alighted temporarily ... The poor boy is all emphasis, protestation and pose ...

Seriously ugly

Gabriele Annan

11 January 1990
Weep no more&nbsp;
by Barbara Skelton.
Hamish Hamilton, 166 pp</span>., &pound;14.95, November 1989, 0&nbsp;241&nbsp;12200&nbsp;7
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... This, say Barbara Skelton’s publishers, is the ‘second – and some people will be relieved to hear, final – volume of her riotous autobiography’. On page one of volume one there is a quotation from Harriette Wilson about the meaning of the term ‘gentleman’ – a subject not really very close to Skelton’s heart ...

Joseph Jobson

Patrick Wormald

18 April 1985
Saladin in his Time&nbsp;
by P.H. Newby.
Faber, 210 pp</span>., &pound;10.95, November 1983, 0&nbsp;571&nbsp;13044&nbsp;5
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Soldiers of the Faith:&nbsp;Crusaders and Moslems at War&nbsp;
by Ronald Finucane.
Dent, 247 pp</span>., &pound;12.50, November 1983, 0&nbsp;460&nbsp;12040&nbsp;9
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... Claude Lévi-Strauss and others have been in the habit of describing the expansion of European civilisation as an unmitigated catastrophe for the rest of mankind. It is arguable that not the least of its casualties has been the West’s sense of its own limitations ...

Adjusting the Mechanism

Colin Burrow: Robert Graves

11 October 2018
Robert Graves:&nbsp;From a Great War Poet to ‘Goodbye to All That’, 1895-1929&nbsp;
by Jean Moorcroft Wilson.
Bloomsbury, 461 pp</span>., &pound;25, August 2018, 978&nbsp;1&nbsp;4729&nbsp;2914&nbsp;3
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The Reader over Your Shoulder:&nbsp;A Handbook for Writers of English Prose&nbsp;
by Robert Graves and Alan Hodge.
Seven Stories, 613 pp</span>., &pound;30, September 2017, 978&nbsp;1&nbsp;60980&nbsp;733&nbsp;7
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... Virginia Woolf​ could be cruelly accurate in her assessments of people. On 24 April 1925 Robert Graves visited her unexpectedly and stayed too long. She described him as ‘a nice ingenuous rattle headed young man’, and declared ‘the poor boy is all emphasis protestation and pose ...

Just about Anything You Want

Ben Jackson: Guerrilla Open Access

5 October 2016
The Boy Who Could Change the World:&nbsp;The Writings of Aaron Swartz&nbsp;
by Aaron Swartz.
Verso, 368 pp</span>., &pound;15.99, February 2016, 978&nbsp;1&nbsp;78478&nbsp;496&nbsp;6
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... arrested for downloading 4.8 million academic articles from the digital archive JSTOR, using a laptop hidden in a broom cupboard on the MIT campus. He was 24, and already a respected and influential com...

Feasting on Power

John Upton: David Blunkett’s Criminal Justice Bill

10 July 2003
... David Blunkett’s latest Criminal Justice Bill, this Government’s 12th piece of such legislation since coming to power in 1997, will go a long way to producing a caste of untouchables in this country: those accused of committing a crime. It will strip away safeguards that have taken centuries to accrue, and alienate criminal suspects further from society as a whole ...

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