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Short Cuts

Christian Lorentzen: ‘Anyone but Romney’

23 February 2012
... from politics and has pointed out that he never tried to criminalise alcohol or extramarital sex in Massachusetts. ‘If it’s between Obama and Romney, there isn’t all that much difference,’ GeorgeSoros said in an interview that Newt Gingrich has deployed in a campaign ad. And Romney, as the first Mormon president, would enjoy a status, in terms of identity politics, analogous to Obama’s, to ...

Nobody has to be vile

Slavoj Žižek: The Philanthropic Enemy

6 April 2006
... of social responsibility, ecological concern etc). There is no need for Porto Alegre: instead, Davos can become Porto Davos. So who are these liberal communists? The usual suspects: Bill Gates and GeorgeSoros, the CEOs of Google, IBM, Intel, eBay, as well as court-philosophers like Thomas Friedman. The true conservatives today, they argue, are not only the old right, with its ridiculous belief in ...

Out of the Cage

Tom Nairn: Popping the bubble of American supremacy

24 June 2004
After the Empire: The Breakdown of the American Order 
by Emmanuel Todd, translated by C. Jon Delogu.
Constable, 288 pp., £8.99, July 2004, 1 84529 058 5
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Bubble of American Supremacy: Correcting the Misuse of American Power 
by George Soros.
Weidenfeld, 207 pp., £12.99, January 2004, 0 297 84906 9
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... in record time, a deeper dimension of fever, wild surmise and unhinged ‘radicalism’ has remained, greatly intensified since 11 September 2001. Its future was prepared by the non-election of George W. Bush in 2000, equivalent to the failed coronation of a pope in 1000. Simultaneously, the persistence of 1990s neoliberal science fiction (Homo economicus etc) provided some conceptual continuity ...

Tocqueville anticipated me

Katrina Forrester: Karl Popper

26 April 2012
After ‘The Open Society’: Selected Social and Political Writings 
by Karl Popper, edited by Jeremy Shearmur and Piers Norris Turner.
Routledge, 493 pp., £16.99, August 2011, 978 0 415 61023 0
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... In October 2011, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that GeorgeSoros had violated insider trading laws more than two decades ago in dealings with the French bank Société Générale. Soros has given billions of his personal wealth to fund liberal political organisations, notably his own Open Society Foundations, which operate on a global scale and have supported anti-totalitarian ...


Jackson Lears: Ralph Nader’s novel

8 April 2010
Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! 
by Ralph Nader.
Seven Stories, 733 pp., $27.50, September 2009, 978 1 58322 903 3
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... mention of the name Ralph Nader still provokes scowls. Many Democrats remain convinced that Nader’s presidential campaign in 2000 cost Al Gore the White House and ushered in the calamitous reign of George W. Bush. The obsession with Nader is at first puzzling: blame for Bush’s ascendancy can be traced to many other sources. Gore’s campaign was timid and bungling, but in any case he won the ...


Robin Blackburn: In Haiti

8 October 2009
... the director of an NGO known as Fokal (Fondasyon Konesans ak Libète). In choosing her, Préval was thought to have made an adroit move, pleasing the NGO and donor communities: Fokal is supported by GeorgeSoros and various Canadian charities. Haitian historians have long argued for Haiti’s pioneering role at a time when British and US abolitionism was being contained and defeated. It isn’t clear ...

Trump’s America, Netanyahu’s Israel

Adam Shatz: Actually Existing Zionism

9 May 2019
... Jews, considers a threat, then Hungary and other Central European states intent on revising their histories of collaboration in the Holocaust, purging their public life of ‘globalists’ such as GeorgeSoros, and pursuing draconian policies towards ethnic minorities (Roma, above all), can declare themselves friends of Israel and get a kosher seal of approval. Is there​ an antisemitism of the left ...

Tax Breaks for Rich Murderers

David Runciman: Bush and the ‘Death Tax’

2 June 2005
Death by a Thousand Cuts: The Fight over Taxing Inherited Wealth 
by Michael Graetz and Ian Shapiro.
Princeton, 392 pp., $29.95, March 2005, 0 691 12293 8
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... Cuts is something different. It tells the story of the campaign to repeal the estate tax (what we would call inheritance tax) in the United States, which culminated in the inclusion of the measure in George Bush’s massive tax-cutting legislation of 2001. Don’t let that put you off. This is one of the most interesting books about politics, and power, and the way the world is going, that you are ever ...

Ten Typical Days in Trump’s America

Eliot Weinberger: Ten (More) Days in America

25 October 2018
... Gosar tweets: ‘Like leftists everywhere, they put political ideology before family. Stalin would be proud.’ (Gosar, a former dentist, is notable for his belief that neo-Nazi groups are funded by GeorgeSoros, a Jewish Holocaust survivor, and that Soros personally helped organise their rally in Charlottesville to discredit the anti-immigration movement. In the latest poll, Gosar is far ahead of ...

Burn Rate

Ed Harriman: The Iraq Disaster

6 September 2007
... As General David Petraeus, the US commander in Iraq, prepares to report to Congress on 15 September on the success of George Bush’s ‘surge’, Bush himself is trying hard to talk it up and to discredit the policy of withdrawal. In a speech on 22 August to the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention, he resorted to ...

We simply do not know!

John Gray: Keynes

19 November 2009
Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism 
by George​ Akerlof and Robert Shiller.
Princeton, 230 pp., £16.95, February 2009, 978 0 691 14233 3
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... Unfortunately, few of those who urge that we go back to him seem to have understood why he believed this. Apart from a brief postscript to one of the chapters and a few remarks in the preface, George Akerlof and Robert Shiller’s Animal Spirits was written before the current crisis. Yet, based on research undertaken over many years, it can be read as prefiguring the current disillusionment with ...
9 December 1999
The Autobiography 
by John Major.
HarperCollins, 774 pp., £25, October 1999, 0 00 257004 1
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In Office 
by Norman Lamont.
Little, Brown, 567 pp., £20, October 1999, 0 316 64707 1
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... out of the ERM because he no longer wanted to be in any arrangement which brought him into contact with the Brits and, more specifically, with Norman Lamont. This conversation was rapidly leaked to GeorgeSoros and sundry other market-makers, who responded by placing huge one-way bets against sterling. As far as they were concerned they were betting on an already decided race – and so it turned out ...

Why blame the Russians?

Edward Luttwak: The financial crisis in Russia, September 1998

17 September 1998
... pace of privatisation, the seemingly unlimited power of semi-criminal plutocrats, the massive outflow of capital to buy apartments in London and villas on the Côte d’Azur, foreigners, including GeorgeSoros, were willing to join local banks in financing the Government by buying its Treasury bills at their monthly auctions. After all, the money was being lent to a borrower who was earning large ...

She says nothing

Gavin Jacobson: Rohingyas

1 December 2016
The Rohingyas: Inside Myanmar’s Hidden Genocide 
by Azeem Ibrahim.
Hurst, 235 pp., £12.99, May 2016, 978 1 84904 623 7
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The Lady and the Generals: Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma’s Struggle for Freedom 
by Peter Popham.
Rider, 440 pp., £20, March 2016, 978 1 84604 371 0
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... from her own party, and governs with ‘a strong sense of entitlement’. In 2013 she offended Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, moments after he had agreed to write off $1.74 billion of debt. GeorgeSoros, who’d supported the opposition to military rule via the Open Society Foundation, was given short shrift in a meeting with her, while letters sent by the Dalai Lama on the violence in Rakhine ...

Why Tunis, Why Cairo?

Issandr El Amrani

17 February 2011
... held up as evidence the fact that the Crisis Group had issued a statement on the situation in Egypt and that its previously published reports on Sudan and Kosovo had led to unrest in those countries. GeorgeSoros, one of the group’s main funders, was said to be the mastermind behind this plot (countless other Egyptian Glenn Becks would repeat the charge of muamara – ‘conspiracy’ – against the ...

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