The Belgrano Diary

The sinking of the General Belgrano was the bloodiest and most controversial military action of the Falklands War. This is the story of a diary written onboard the British submarine that fired the torpedoes, the diary that proved Thatcher’s government hadn’t told the truth about what happened.

A new six-part podcast series, hosted by Andrew O’Hagan. Listen here or wherever you get podcasts.

2 May 2024 · 1hr 41mins

The Belgrano affair reaches its climax as the stories of Narendra Sethia and Clive Ponting connect. The two whistleblowers appear in court and the diary makes its final journey.

24 April 2024 · 51mins

Lieutenant Sethia is accused of a second crime: the theft of HMS Conqueror’s log books. Two journalists and the Serious Crime Squad try to hunt him down. 

18 April 2024 · 53mins

Armed with the diary, Tam Dalyell goes on the attack – but the cover-up continues. A second whistle-blower from within the Ministry of Defence is arrested for a breach of the Official Secrets Act.

11 April 2024 · 51mins

Lieutenant Sethia quits the navy and moves to the Caribbean. He thinks the Falklands War is behind him, but back in the UK, an eccentric, anti-war MP notices a discrepancy in the government’s account of the sinking and starts to investigate.

4 April 2024 · 57mins

HMS Conqueror stalks the Belgrano, but Britain’s Rules of Engagement prohibit an attack. Margaret Thatcher makes a decision and Lieutenant Sethia and the Conqueror crew get ready to fire.

28 March 2024 · 52mins

When Argentina invades the Falkland Islands, Margaret Thatcher sends a huge flotilla on an 8000-mile rescue mission – to save a forgotten remnant of the empire, and her premiership. Onboard one of its nuclear submarines, Lieutenant Narendra Sethia starts to keep a diary.