Valerie Pearl

In the LRB Archive:

  • Joint-Stock War · 3 May 1984

    • The Age of Elizabeth: England Under the Later Tudors 1547-1603 by D.M. Palliser
    • After the Armada: Elizabethan England and the Struggle for Western Europe 1588-1595 by R.B. Wernham
    • The Defeat of the Spanish Armada by Garrett Mattingly
    • The First Elizabeth by Carolly Erickson
    • The Renaissance and Reformation in Scotland: Essays in Honour of Gordon Donaldson edited by Ian Cowan and Duncan Shaw
  • Handbooks · 4 February 1982

    • The Shell Guide to the History of London by W.R. Dalzell
  • New-Model History · 7 February 1980

    • The City and the Court 1603-1643 by Robert Ashton
  • Love’s Labours · 8 November 1979

    • King Charles II by Antonia Fraser

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