Stuart Airlie

In the LRB Archive:

  • Soldier, Saint · 19 February 1987

    • William Marshal: The Flower of Chivalry by Georges Duby, translated by Richard Howard
    • Thomas Becket by Frank Barlow
  • Medieval Fictions · 21 February 1985

    • Chivalry by Maurice Keen
    • The Rise of Romance by Eugène Vinaver
    • War in the Middle Ages by Philippe Contamine, translated by Michael Jones
    • War and Government in the Middle Ages edited by John Gillingham and J.C. Holt
    • Prussian Society and the German Order by Michael Burleigh
  • Barbarians · 17 November 1983

    • Medieval Germany and its Neighbours 900-1250 by K.J. Leyser
    • The Frankish Kingdoms under the Carolingians 751-987 by Rosamond McKitterick
    • Ideal and Reality in Frankish and Anglo-Saxon Society: Studies presented to J.M. Wallace-Hadrill edited by Patrick Wormald, Donald Bullough and Roger Collins

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